Sunday, October 29, 2006


Basic malfunctions of women and the methods of their elimination. Instruction for the men

Neispravnost'/Sposob of elimination the problem: It rejects to walk on the stores, to prepare, to erase.... Fodder requires regularly. Prescription: Prover'te, but not man this? If nevertheless no, think, is necessary to you this companion of life? You will replace woman. Problem: Infinitely he speaks and speaks on the telephone. Prescription: You will report that from the prolonged conversations around the mouth the wrinkles appear. Krometogo, the emission of the telephone line of communications unfavorably influences the color of face. Problem: The scenes of jealousy constantly are arranged. Prescription: y)Popytaytes' to remove stress by the joke: "expensive, you will greatly laugh, but I for some reason love only you!" you 2)Pozvonite by it on the telephone, by languid female voice you will express your admiration by its husband and "on the secret" you will report that all women greatly envy to it. Problem: There is no expression on face and mobility of extremities. Prescription: Prover'te perhaps she will sleep. If no, unbutton the upper buttons of blouse and you will express admiration by its breast. This is capable of leading any woman into a feeling. Otherwise - you undressed mannequin. Problem: In the speech quarrelsome notes appeared. In other respects everything in the order. Prescription: You will present to it buketik it is color, weigh out on-duty compliment. At the worst, return more than money from the wage. It will not help - wash out the dishes (carry out fir tree). Problem: Everything is done, but in this case articulate speech is absent. Buzzings and sighs rarely reach. Prescription: We congratulate! To you was reached the woman of future - promising development! Guarantee obligations of the supplier: Correct operation, preventive maintenance at the health resorts, the non-admission of overloads, gifts and compliments... - and we are assured: your elect will serve long years! And it can be considerably longer you!

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