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Suzuki SXBox: tuning for the videogamer

Questa Suzuki Sx4, cousins of Fiat 16, has lend to one preparation a lot particular, with of the extreme solutions yes, but

indeed he originates them. Realized from ASC, a Californian workshop, the SXBox is dedicated to the incalliti videogiocatori

more: the inner style and outside recalls the colors of the XBox of the Microsoft and in fact in the nside ce they are very

two: one posizionata in the part high of the consul they and between the posterior seats centers, but the plate strongly of

this suzuki is the screen.


Getlteman and getlteman..

the Smart of??Che you believe to us less or, this is the true one, the only one, "stylosissima" the Smart of yours idolo

"Smartista!". "I describe to a moment my pikkola to You: it is a BRABUS leggermente elaborated, has 90/95 horses. Once cn she

I have made the 160 to the hour. In city nn ce n' it is x nobody: sguscio from all the parts cn the maximum style and savoir

fair, and parkeggio where I want. It has the glasses fumè, 1 new system hi-fi (ke seems made x on purpose music house), the

double quantity scariko Brabus, the logo Brabus on the stopper of the benza. Then I have cerki the Brabus from 17 inches cn

wide wheels + behind in order sopportare the power. pikkola has upsets and the posterior traction: nn I say ke can go

strongly like S3 Audios, xrò in its small spakka. All they will say ke nn I have the maskerina originates them: I know, I

have broken off it in 1 incident and I have made us to mount that normal school (x nn makes me to sgamare from mine); I am

waiting for that one originates them from the concessionaire. House ET Style, Smartista ".


Here the Chinese Smart electrical worker...

To how much seems some constructors Chinese is... clonando the Smart ForTwo of the previous one generation. Turning for the

net, if of it they find at least a pair: the Electric Car City Smart of the CMEC (for the truth, currently not visible in the

situated official), and the version of the Shandong Huoyun Electromobile that you see in the images. If from a part the

pretensions, regarding "the true" Smart are inferior, are like level of constructive quality that of costs (a price of attack

of approximately 4.200 euro is assumed, perhaps also in Europe), from the other the car is electrical worker like... in the

original idea Smart - Swatch. Of the version Shandong Huoyun we can supply the technical data: 120 km of autonomy, 55 km/h of

the maximum speed, power 6,5 kW, diameter of sudden turn of 8 meters, superskillful slope of 30%, length 2510 milimeter,

width 1515 milimeter, height 1530 milimeter (more or less as the Smart puts into effect them).


A Smart much British.

Non seems is previewed one "English" Smart - to part next the Smart Roadster with the brand AC... However, here the first

case of "Bentley Smart" of the history! text85 Images new Smart Fortwo: false?La French head Autonews (via Motorpasion) has

published some photographies that, to before seen, they would seem "scappate" images of the new ForTwo 2007, up to now

officially revealed from one sculpture of sand and from a pair of designs... In order to discover if they are... true or

false, the spy photos of the details and a prototype masked already can come in aid published... and the incongruenze

regarding "the French" images are several here.


Smart ForTwo preview

German review public Zeitung Car a pair of photo of the new Smart FourTwo (451), apparently official. The presentation to the press is attended for next week, while the commercialization is attended for You open them 2007.? presumable that the debut in public will be to the hall of Geneva. To how much Zeitung Car writes, the motors to benzine will be three: two motors three cylinders to benzine from 1 liter of piston displacement, both upset-compressed, with powers from 71 horses and 84 horses, later on follow from one version Brabus (100 horses). The diesel motor will be three cylinders of planning Mercedes, with one power of 45 horses, a consumption mean (seems) of 3,0 litri/100 km and emissions of CO2 reduced to 90 g/km. The dimensions regarding the previous generation grow remarkablly. I 20 cm in more allow, between the other things, of to offer to a baggage car from 220 liters (the ability to the model puts into effect them is of 150 liters).


Smart ForTwo

Finalmente eccola: the new Smart ForTwo has appeared newly in various situated international - between which Carscoop and Caradisiac - with the definitive images, this time also of the plancia, and some data described to you. The new ForTwo 2007 will be available in the versions Coupé and Cabrio; it maintains is stilisticamente that "conceptually" the ideas of base of the progenitrice, with some innovationes. In the first place, the dimensions: the Smart new is longer than 19,5 cm (from 2500 milimeter to 2695 milimeter), since the facade has been lengthened in order to better face crash the tests (previewed 4 stars), and in particular the EuroNCAP tests of collision against the pedestrians; the baggage car grows but also, that it passes from 150 liters to 220 (to the roof 340 liters). According to the Smart, shortest concurrent in circulation it is always 73 cm longer of the ForTwo...


Still on the Toyota anti-Smart

Avevamo already anticipated the news of one possible future car from city of Toyota, showing the images of a prototype heavy disguised, that it came put in relation with concept car the Endo. On (via some interpretations appear of that it could be one avail again of the Smart with brand Toyota, and that Aygo could be called also having a auto body of all originates them, like if were one risen of "Aygo coupé ". The small car to 2 places would have destined mostly to be R-al.mercato American, in competition directed with the Smart ForTwo. The more probable motor is the 3 cylinders from a liter to benzine, with increased power, at least for the USA, from 68 to approximately 80 CV, coupled to one automatic gearshift. The city new would have to make its first apparition the Hall of Tokyo 2007, for being commercialized the successive year


Project Kimber AC Smart Roadster: design ufficiale?

Avevamo already shown a design that interpreted the shapes of... "AC Smart Roadster ", that is the Smart rimarchiata Roadster AC from the English consortium Project Kimber. Hour is the same Project Kimber, according to Autocar, to show the first image of the car, than for the truth seems to derive already from that one published. Elements of innovation in the new design are the trapezial template with chromium plated grill, the disposition of i beacons and the onlookers porter with vertical opening - than but would not be confirmed officially in the series version. , taking advantage of members and equipments in any case also yielded to Project Kimber from Smart, the new roadster seems to have one aspect originates them, in a sure sense more classic and more "English". Hour the end of the realization of the lines attends of assembly in England with the original material Smart, than to how much seems is proceeding more slowly of the previewed one. text79 Smart ForTwo Edition Limited One.DaimlerChrysler has chosen Bologna, and not Paris, for the official presentation of the new Smart ForTwo, also because Italy, with beyond 210.000 sold units, turns out the main market for the Smart. After the preview to the festivity in Greater Public square of slid 4 December, hour touches to the Motor Show, where it comes shown also first special series of the car, called "edition limited one". In practical draft of a model personalized and produced in 1.500 exemplary, solo in version coupé, with cell tridion, external retrovisori and template of color silver and body car in exclusive pyrit grey metallic. The roof "Panorama" has screen integrated parasol, while the circles are in alloy from 15 inches to 6 razze. The motor is the benzine from 71 CV, with speed 145 autolimitata hour to km/h and new automatic gearshift softouch to five marce.


Double Mitsubishi EVO X with frizione?

A how much seems, soon not will be only Volkswagen to propose the change to double clutch; between first imitating this - effective - technical solution will be in fact Mitsubishi, that it means to realize one tramissione to 6 marce similar to the DSG for next EVO X. In effects solution VW, developed inner to the group, seemed to have one risen of monopoly, in particular for possession of some specific licences; it seems however that trasmisisone the Mitsubishi has been planned with the aid of an external company, and that, suppur based on the same principle, it is different from that "German". In any case, the new one semi-automatic change to double clutch would have to guarantee the necessary robustness in order to tame to brace and power (beyond 300 cv) of new EVO X, available but also with more traditional 6 marce manual


Double Mitsubishi EVO X with frizione?

A how much seems, soon not will be only Volkswagen to propose the change to double clutch; between first imitating this - effective - technical solution will be in fact Mitsubishi, that it means to realize one tramissione to 6 marce similar to the DSG for next EVO X. In effects solution VW, developed inner to the group, seemed to have one risen of monopoly, in particular for possession of some specific licences; it seems however that trasmisisone the Mitsubishi has been planned with the aid of an external company, and that, suppur based on the same principle, it is different from that "German". In any case, the new one semi-automatic change to double clutch would have to guarantee the necessary robustness in order to tame to brace and power (beyond 300 cv) of new EVO X, available but also with more traditional 6 marce manual


New Mitsubishi Pajero - official photos?

Nihon Car & public Bike some photos of the new Mitsubishi Pajero, coming from from one Japanese review. It remains the belt line a po' boarded on the 5 doors, that it offers to the possibility of one third row of seats, on which they are mounts to you, goodness knows why, of the head rest colossal (to see photo in the continuation). The facade earns enough of the beacons similar to those of the new course Land Rover. Unfortunately we do not succeed to decipher from the Japanese the characteristics of the motors of the Pajero new


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR also station

Bella surprised this exclusive right Lancer Evolution Wagon MR, where "MR" is for Mitsubishi Racing. Exclusive right why it will be realized only for the Japanese market and in 1500 exemplary, sedan and station. For both two versions are previewed, that they differ in the change: for the sedan two manual commandos, the GSR with one 6 relationships and the RS with 5 relationships destined also to the competitions, while for the station we have 6 marce manual for version GT and 5 relationships automatic rifle, with sport modality, for version GT-A.


Mitsubishi introduces the new new Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero will be shown to the public for before the time to the next one hall of Paris, to fine september. The Pajero Is The Pajero new is the quarter version of one of the most sold cross-country vehicle in the world: beyond 2,5 million exemplary to to leave from the debut in 1982. Between the main innovationes the motors, new 3,2 liters turbodiesel to 4 cylinders with direct injection that distributes 170 horses and 3,8 V6 liters to MIVEC to benzine. New also the system of integral traction Super Select 4WD-II, with the possibility of to mount the control system of traction ASTC*2 and to block differentiates them posterior. It renews also the plancia to you and the inner ones, while the outside remains much similar one to the previous generation. To Paris it will come also shown the Pajero Evolution that will run in next Paris-Dakar, with a design similar to the Pajero of series.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - photo spia

Nuove spy photo of the version sportvia of the next generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer, probably Evo X, even if lacks the great typical aileron the Evo. In compensation, through the circles in alloy a massive refraining system Brembo is visible, while the double quantity posterior drainage of generous diameter suggests upset-compressed motor usual. As far as the aesthetic one, the slid year is recalled to that one of the seen Concept-X, with its escaping windshield and the tail much short one. The arrival on the market is previewed for the next year.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - its hypotheses will be therefore?

Autocar public in cover on next the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X and Subaru Impreza STi.

The Evo new is much similar one to its "ispiratrice", Concept X that Mitsubishi had shown to slid hall of Tokyo. The Impreza would have instead to inaugurate a new course, with auto body hatchback anzichè sedan (of it sees one image more in large in a post previous). Greater news in the next few months, above all R-with regard to the indeed important part of these two car: the motors.


Peugeot 4007 - official photos or others photoshop?

Presunte official photos of the Peugeot 4007, one of the two SUV that the group PSA has developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi. If the photos show true the 4007, the aesthetic relationship with the Outlander it is end too much obvious (to see photo in the continuation). Sure, the characteristic "wide mouth" Peugeot does not seem just to house its on the facade of a cross-country vehicle (does not seem vocata to angles of attack too much engaged to you...). We attend confirmations official, but sure it does not seem an car that it will change the fortunes of the French group.


Mitsubishi gains the Good Design Grand Prize 2006

Tokyo: Mitsubishi as soon as has announced that its minicar has been insignita of the "Good Design Grand Prize 2006", for before the time assigned to one microcar.

The acknowledgment of the Japanese ministry of the economy has intentional to reward an car that extends the normal schools canoni of its segment; the "i", before between 2.918 contenders, demonstrate that emergency and inner habitability can very cohabit with good design and comfort. Key of the plan is the motor place under the posterior seats, configuration that allows to three important innovations in the within of the reduced dimensions taxes: futuribile and fashionable style, agile and comfortable behavior, emergency in every type of impact. Finally the design works them arrives direct and pleasant to the public, without compromises and using one platform innovative! This prize, reached anniversary its 50°, has the great merit to stimulate and to stimulate the application of industrial design like essential aspect of the human activities, in every field of the living daily. If also in Italy we had very present this mission, Giugiaro would be the head of the state!


Mitsubishi Delica D:5.Dopo the prototype, Mitsubishi introduces the definitive version of the Minivan D:5.

The official denomination is Delica D:5 and will be in sale from beginning 2007; Delica is an historical name in the range Mitsubishi, been born in 1968 for the launch of the first monovolume of house. This fifth Delica generation wants to enclose in a solo minivan three peculiar characteristics: comfortable habitability for eight persons, sturdy structure of emergency joined to low impact acclimatizes them, esuberanti performances on every land thanks to the motor 2,4 liters MIVEC bound together to the integral traction electronically managed. The design decidedly seems little forced end to us and of the concept car, a po' anonymous but gradevole, but not for this Delica D:5 sprizza personality and fascination from every sheet...


New Mitsubishi Lancer to Detroit 2007

Mitsubishi has rilasciato a design of the Lancer future, that it will come officially introduced to the NAIAS of Detroit 2007. Sport sedan to 4 doors, 90 years from the first Mitsubishi car (Model To of 1917), the Lancer new will be based gannet first total platform of the brand, said "Project Global", developed with DaimlerChrysler and already used on the Outlander - and the French cousinses. The design is work of the studies Mitsubishi Motors in Europe and Japan, and takes cue from the previous European prototypes Concept-X and Concept-Sportback: the Lancer new will be a low car, with long cowling, short tail and wide tracks, and characteristic defined template "to nose of squalo" will have one. It will be launch progressively on the world-wide market to to leave from spring 2007, with various motorizations: in Europe it will be left from a model of income 1,5 from 110 cv until to the Evolution; between the other motors, the diesels engine for the European market and 2,0 l I upset benzine to high performances.


Images of the Mitsubishi Outlander europea

some day have appeared in net the images of the compact SUV relative tightened of the recent proposals PSA, that is Citroen C-Crosser and Peugeot 4007. We are speaking about the Mitsubishi Outlander, which version for the markets orients them and for the USA it is in different part, and it has a minium-situated official already. The Mitsubishi Oulander for Europe, instead, already had been anticipated in shape of concept to the Hall of Paris, and extension some aesthetic differences, above all in the facade, more elaborated regarding the extra-European version - but perhaps more simple regarding that one of the two French. For that it regards the mechanics, us it would not have to be the French HDi, but VW TDI 2 liters from 140 CV, beside two motorizations to benzine, 4 cylinders and V6. The sales will begin in the spring of 2007; ulterior official news attends however.

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Mitsubishi Lancer 2008: eccola!

Era be anticipated from a design, and hour the official photos arrive: the Mitsubishi new Lancer 2008 is prepared therefore

to appear in public to the Hall of Detroit of the next January, for being placed in sale in the first months of 2007.

Regarding the design, but also to the Concept-X to which it is inspired, the Lancer new loses - obviously - something in

aggressiveness and originality; however it interprets well the character rather than compact typical sport sedan of the

series Lancer. To notice the new facade, with it calenders thin trapeziodale, beacons and part centers them of the

pronounced cowling; the beacons of tail they remember po' those of the Colt, while the scalfitura on the flank follows the

fashion of the moment beginning from - Mercedes, BMW, Smart...


Modernization Morgan.

l production 2005 door a general modernization of the Morgan production; the single model Roadster V6 3.000, introduced to

May ' 04, obviously remain invariato. The 4/4 will return to being produced in the most traditional preparation to

"tightened" auto body, with wheels to beams 165-15, it will adopt a new motor Ford antipollution Duratec with detailed lists

Euro 4; lieto event is re-enters in production of appreciated model more in our country: modernized and upgraded Plus 4

comes riproposta after beyond 4 years with a motor Ford Duratec from the 145 CV, norms antipollution Euro 4, auto body of

Roadster derivation (therefore "wide") wheels to beams and rubbers 195/60-15. Sure the category "two liters" is most

suitable to our market, the perfect cut of piston displacement for the car gives little impegnativa divertimento and, to

times, to assign itself to the guide of Getlteman, sons and daughters. Just in the guidabilità (the modernizations the new

Plus 4 brings to you is similar to those of the Roadster) has its main points of force. Finally, it leaves again to large

the Aero8 program with the presentation of the new version to the Hall of the car of Geneva in March month. For greater

information the situated official of the Morgan Motor Company and situated of the Italian official importer the Villages



Live in Geneva - Morgan Aeromax.

Sapevo of its existence and I wanted to see it from the alive one also in order to bring back the feelings to a beloved

friend potentially interested: the Aeromax is truly one fantastic rivisitazione coupè of Air 8, improved in its hurting

point, seating. That one exhibited in the small but receiving Morgan stand is a commissioned only copy from the "President

of Banque Baring Brothers Suisse "; and approval the apprezzatissimo turned out probably will be produced in series (if

about series it can be spoken in Morgan). The Aeromax mounts an identical to that one of Air 8, V8 4,4 liters from 333 Cv,

able motor pushing it to 260 Km/h and of launch it from 0 to 100 in 4,5 second ones. A detail but has made me sorridere,

mounts the same posterior fanaleria of Thesis Nozzle. I bet that my friend will try to order it... oltretutto calls Max.


LIFECar, a Morgan to idrogeno.

first car trades them to hydrogen entire could be the Morgan LIFECar, one plan based on Air 8. Thanks to the fuel cells to

hydrogen that feed 4 electric motors to the inside of the wheels, from the drainage of this machine water would have to only

exit. In order to avoid the necessity of having massive fuel cells, the LIFECar will use, as the Toyota Prius and the system

IMA of Honda, the rigenerativa refrained one, in order to load with the condensers that will be able to supply the necessary

power in phase of acceleration, while the fuel cells will have to only supply sufficient energy to the maintenance of the

speed. We will see between approximately three years, if this plan financed from the ministry of the British industry will

have happened. Sure, it will be an car much little exciting of the Morgan Air 8 from which drift, than 4,4 thanks to its V8

BMW accelerates from 0-100 km/h in less of 5 second ones.


The Morgan new Air 8.

innovation in a day solo from tradizionalista the English producers: Morgan has introduced to Geneva renewed 8 Air and the

Four Seater. New Air 8 associates the classic style retrò from roadster English to one mechanical most modern: the motor is

a V8 BMW gives 4,4 liters, with 333 horses, the electronics comprise ABS, EBD (division of refrained) and the control of

launch (Drag Control Torque). The chassis in single aluminum allows to contain the weight in 1,145 kg. The performances turn

out excellent: 4,5 second ones from 0-100 km/h, the 256 km/h maximum speeds. Sin for that cowling of the trunk with the

spoiler, than ruins a po' the lines of Air 8. Hour that the mechanics of Air 8 is renewed, the question is: to when the

beautifulst coupè Aeromax!?


New Morgan Four second Seater.

innovation introduced from Morgan to Geneva, the new Four Seater is one machine decidedly calmer of the sister Air 8, with

one style still more true classicheggiante, 4 places to seat and one chosen between two motors of derivation Ford (2,0 from

145 cv and 3,0 from 223 cv). To watch all well the brochure of the Four Seater (pdf), in order to taste the particular of

this roadster. Wonderful, to example, the circles to beams, the spare wheel and the double tail pipes chromium

plates to you cylindrical. Prices approximate to you between the 48.000? and the 60,000.


Morgan will produce to the Coupè Aeromax

Sarà produced one of the cars beautifulr appearances on Autoblog: splendid coupè the Morgan Aeromax, sight to Geneva 2005

under shape of specially built. The week will come some produced one limited series of 100 exemplary numbered to a 1-2

rhythm, to leave from the beginning of 2008. The last the production line to the beginning of 2009 lascerà copy, in the

centenarian of the company. Price around to 94,000 £ (145.000? + Vat). The only produced copy up to now mounted a motor V8

BMW from 4,4 liters of piston displacement, conuna power of 333 horses, sufficient to catch up one the maximum speed of

beyond 260 km/h and accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 4,5 second ones. Via | Leftlane News


Morgan "decidedly more continental" Aero8 III° serie.

europeisticamente speaking, of the cars normally produced from the small it marks handicraft English. It goes naturally

observed that Morgan, between the British houses, is one of the companies more known (and more long-lived); strongly it is

implied, therefore, in the phenomenon of "evolution" of the tastes and the needs of i consumers of automobiles, therefore

careful (at least more than others) to the design, the ergonomics, the habitability, to the reliability and all that ocean

of fundamental characteristics that serve for the resolution of a good product (also, if, to onor of the true one, sure cars

are "good" only thanks to throbbing campaigns of Marketing!). After historical the 4/4, 4 Plus and 8 Plus today the main

product of the range Morgan calls Air 8, car that ripropone in strongly futuristica key, the stilistici concepts of its

progenitrici; in key perhaps a po' excessive, at least to to judge from how many if of it they see in Italy (I, I must still

have the pleasure to meet of one outside from a hall!). Air 8 arrives to its third series: more comfortable, better it is

rifinita, better equipped (climatizzatore improved, possibility to acquire accessories in skin the Schedoni, already

supplying Ferrari etc.) still more aerodynamics.


First official photos of the Hyundai Coupè facelift.

Hyundai have shown the restyling of its Coupè to the hall of Guangzhou in China. The greater changes, as often it happens in

the restyling, are concentrate to you in the optical groups, and the bumpers, with frontal new air inlet, a slit over the

lodging of the plate, a fog light center them posterior and new double drainages with finish them of large dimensions. The

introduced model is that one for the Chinese market, but it is probable that it arrives invariato in Europe (is attended

within aim year). Sin is not previewed changes in the mechanics, with the motors that remain invariati regarding put into

effect them (2.0 liters, 143 cv; 2,7 V6 liters, 167 cv).


Other images of the new Hyundai new Coupé

Hyundai coupé were only appeared in three official images, rilasciate in occasion of the hall of Guangzhou in China:

nothing more than a restyling outer, in how much not is innovation substantial in the motorizations (2,0 from 143 cv and V6

2,7 from 167 cv). Images of the car are hour present in net new, presumablly released during the resumptions of a video

advertising. Perhaps from the photos, the line appears a po' weighted down from the new air inlet and from you hang to us

aerodynamic; in any case the new coupé is attended for the end of the year in Europe, and will be therefore possible to see

it - and to judge it - from the true one...


Hyundai FD - Arnejs, an other segment C from the Corea.

No will be only the Kia cee' d which representative of the compact ones "segment C" Korean of new generation: Hyundai in

fact has announced the presence to the next Hall of Paris of concept car famous with the names of FD or Arnejs, diffusing

some also a sketch in preview. Based on the same platform of the cee' d, it has been thought purposely for the European

market, with the objective of to be confronted with you avail again to them more "agguerrite" of the segment, to begin from

the Volkswagen Golf. It is for the cee' d that for Hyundai new is spoken about auto bodies to 3 doors, SW and Coupé-cabrio,

let alone of one GTi with power of approximately 200 cv. versions to 5 doors will arrive in 2007, while the others will be

proposed gradually within the beginning of 2008.


Hyundai Arnejs Concept.

Hyundai will introduce to Paris, concept-car the Arnejs, the cousins of the Kia Cee' d, the second tip of the attack that

the Korean giant means to deliver to Segment C in Europe. Developed in to the center Hyundai searches in Germany under coded

name FD, the Arnejs it will come introduced in the version "production" to the next hall of Geneva, in March 2007. Initially

the Arnejs will be available in version hatchback 5 doors and version station-wagon, subsequently the versions MPV and

coupè-cabrio will arrive. Version GTI would not have to lack also one.


Hyundai coupé, first appeared photo ufficiale?

to the unexpected one in situated the average Hyundai USA the photo of that would seem to be the new version of the

Tiburon, alias Coupé, that we have already seen in some photos during the one preparation reportage advertising. They seem

confirmed the news on the motors, immutati regarding puts into effect them 2,0 from 143 cv and V6 2,7 from 167 cv, while it

would have to appear the control system of the pressure of rubbers and the electronic control of the stability. The doubt

remains on the escape date: from the situated Hyundai, the model appears clearly like MY 2007


The new Hyundai Coupe arrives in Italia.

the several advances, has finally arrived on the Italian market the
version 2007 of the Hyundai Coupe (rigorously, and vezzosamente, without accent...). The compact Korean sportswoman is

committee, second the House, to the "fifth generation", even if of fact is a restyling of the previous generation: front

they change i beacons, hour more streamlines to you, air inlet integrated and the fog light in the shield, while in the tail

the lights have shape various and they are covered from a transparent shell. The lateral scalfitura, than before folded low

in "Ferrari style", hour he is horizontal, and it continues also in the front bumper. Renewed also the inside, with inserti

metallic different and unknown black coverings (for the auto bodies red or silver) or red (for the black Coupe); the inner

lighting system of the instrumentation is hour in blue tonality. The Coupe new is available in three versions: 1,6 Active

(DOHC 16v, 105 CV, 185 km/h, 0/100 km/h in 11,9 sec.) from 19.570 euro, 2,0 Dynamic (DOHC 16v, 143 CV, 208 km/h, 0/100 km/h

in 9,3 sec.) from 22.120 euro, 2,7 V6 Dynamic (24v, 164 CV, 220 km/h, 0/100 km/h in 8,4 sec.) from 24.270 euro; this last

one has series of mechanical change to the 6 marce (others to 5), or R-a.richiesta of automatic gearshift H-Matic. Circles

in alloy from 17"of series on the 2.0; ESP of series on 2.0 and 2.7.


Hyundai Coupe Art Car.

Sulla wake of a movement been born in years 60 and institutionalized from precious the Art Car Bmw, also Hyundai has decided

of giving to more visibility and artistic value to the own cars. Here then one provocative Hyundai Coupe promozionale entire

painted from "Billy", an artist self-taught who uses graffiti tribali multicolors and honor rivisita you. The result is

senz' other onlooker, for many backs close to the works of Keith Haring without but having of the shattering charge

innovative. Once again the car is demonstrated half excellent in order to communicate and to express emotions, one burlap on

which to paint pictures that extend the function in order to exalt the shape.


Singular Hyudai HCD10 Hellion Concept.

Forme for this HCD10 Hellion, concept car introduced from Hyundai - or better from Hyundai Design and Technical Center of

the division American of the brand - to the Los Angeles Show Car. Draft in fact of a vehicle to half road between SUV and

crossover, with "compact" line to two volumes (is long 4.171 m), mudguards increases to you, circles from 20"in alloy,

remarkable height from earth and rather aggressive a general aspect. The more curious thing, but, is "the nearly biological"

architecture of the car, than for sure aspects the car-fish remembers of Mercedes: the "main cage" is constituted from three

joined ribbings, in the roof, is cross-sectionally that longitudinally, nearly like one "lisca of fish"; on this they are

applies to you to the thin metallic panels of the auto body and the roof in soft material. The ribbings are in beautiful

evidence are to the outside that inner, where they serve also to support some accessories (as an example, plafoniere or

screen LCD for the passengers).


Ford could yield Jaguar - and Land Rover.

Numerose is the news with respect to the "movement" that is being created in House Ford, after the announcement of the loss

in according to quadrimestre of 254 million dollars, the double quantity regarding the report it begins them. It seems that

it is being proceeded to an appraisal study on the entire Premier Automotive Group, that is marks "premium" of the group

Ford - Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin and Land Rover; the scope would be to verify the cession possibility of or more it marks,

a po' as it had already made DaimlerChrysler with Smart. The first House that could be sold is Jaguar, brand that risks to

sovrapporsi to Volvo - low - and to Aston Martin - up, and that it has not never given to profit to Ford end from its

acquisition; moreover Jaguar was already to the center of negotiations with Renault, and could interest also to PSA and TVR,

currently possessed brand from the Russian miliardario Nikolai Smolensky. Jaguar, but, could not be single...


Land Rover Defender 2007

Land Rover Defender is most long-lived of the cross-country vehicle, and ripresenta for 2007 with some small cosmetic

modifications and of substance. The main modification is under the cowling: the new motor 2,4 liters turbodiesel distributes

120 360 horses/Nm of the maximum brace it is coupled to a new change to six marce, with one before shorter and the sixth

longest one, for a cue better and one highway march more comfortevole. To the outside it changes the cowling, in order

better to repair this new motor. To the inside it changes the plancia, that it receives some elements from the LR3, while

they change the conditioning system and radio, with income aux (iPod!)


Rover range TDv8.

Arriva Sport also on the Rover Range Sport the new motor 3,6 V8 liters turbodiesel already seen on the Range Rover m.y.

2007. 272 640 horses/Nm of the new motor allow to the Range Sport to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 9,2 second ones and of to

catch up one the maximum speed of 209 km/h. It comes from chiedersii as a motor the much performante one regarding the 3.0d

of the X5 new never does not concur with the Range Sport neanche to approach itself the performances of it avails again

German (216 km/h, 8,3 second ones).


The Defender?

A new will be this how much seems, the Land Rover... more Land Rover than all, the Defender recently little dawned, it would

be being been preparing to change to shape and technology completely, in favor of a new more modern model. Also in forecast

of a return in forces in the USA market, the Defender new will be planned with more attention for norms on the emergency,

will have autoportante chassis and above all he will be simpler to construct, from the moment that many particular of that

one put into effect them are still realize to you manually... The motors could come directly from Ford: to benzine the V6

3,0 Duratec direct injection and 3,8 (this last one only for the USA), to diesel oil the 2,7 V6 developed with PSA. In the

designs, a hypothesis on the aspect of the new model, to half road between one Freelander and one small Hummer. Fortunately,

at the moment, a hypothesis is alone, and however the new model will not be sure in sale before 2008...


Range Rover AR6 Stronger.

Range Sport I find it already enough spintarella of its, regarding the class of the sister greater the baby it disfigures

and a lot... skirts, miniskirts, air inlet, who more of it have more of it put... this of the Arden then... tze' from not

being able itself to watch! Only point to its favor: the 4,8 V8 liters from 520 horses that push it to 100 km/h in

approximately 6 second ones and project it to 270 km/h of principle. Sincerely, you would go to us in turn?


Ford will not yield Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover.

But Aston Martin... After the voices of possible cessions of marks premium of Ford, alone or in "eventually more attractive

packages", today the official refutation: Lewis Booth, head of the Premier Automotive Group in fact has declared public that

"for the moment Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover is not in sale. If conditions will change, ve will say it ". The only brand

that probably could be put in sale in times not too much long is Aston Martin, relatively independent and that it could

supply easy and fastly of the understood one them to the Ford. In truth, but, it is not excluded for future the cession of

Jaguar and Land Rover with, from the moment that the cars of the two mark shares many resources; a lot improbable, instead,

the sale of Volvo, whose cars are based on Ford platforms.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Another Enzo bites the dust.

There is, to dispetto of the title it, omaggiante one famous song of the Queen, a lot little to remain allegros. The victim of this post is an other copy of the Ferrari Enzo. Newly fallen apart in two like in already other occasions, this black "red one" sure tried to exceed the sound barrier, to judge from the conditions in which it pours obviously (we hope with all the heart that the author of this "casino" has made itself little badly). Considered by now strengthened praxis of many possessory ones to go "to trees" with the Enzo, us the data supplied to us from a voice (much reliable one) on the effective number of Enzo turns out reasonable rather constructed. The official data speaks about 399 exemplary more a 400esimo constructed for being sold by auction to favor of the victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia. But to we at least 440 have spoken Enzo...


It does not know them canone the Telecom the consumers: one Victoria.

Nothing increase to January for canone the Telecom. The ritocco towards the high it had been announced the first December from the telephone society on the main daily paper. Together to the rincaro, par to 1.5% of the canone that it would have had to go up from 14,57 to 14,80 euro to the month, was communicated to the customers a series of decreases for some voices type the activation or trasloco of one line, in the within of a rimpasto of the rates guaranteed for law to cost zero for the user. The consumers, but, continued to ask great voice the total abolition for the canone. To decide if to start free to the increase from the first January he touched however the authority for the Tlc, but before the judgment, that he would have had to be pronounced yesterday, he has arrived to the guarantor, Corrado Calabrò, a letter of the Telecom president, I guide Red, in which he inquired himself that the group had decided to postpone on the increase "to protection of the interests generates them of the consumers, to the which Telecom Italy means to dedicate, always more, just the engagement". But the consumers do not seem to want to accept what they think a rescue in corner from part of Telecom and emphasize: "draft of one Victoria of all the customers. Hour Telecom enters in real competition with the other managers and starts a campaign of reduction of the rates, eliminating useless unjust taxes that they involve not indifferent costs for the families ". All of numbers the answer of Telecom: the canone for the residential customers it is firm from 1° July 2002, with a rate inflation grown approximately 2% the year, that is 9% in the entire period. Telecom therefore has not never recovered neanche the inflation, moreover the canone that satisfied in Italy lowest if it has been compared to those of France, Spain, England and Germany.


"Alitalia, the festivity? ended ".

The phantom of the desert auction for the control of Alitalia induces the government to devout? myths councils. In order once, in what yesterday? revealed like the unknown tandem between the two technical ministers, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and Alexander White men they have sent messages univoci: the general executive manager Giancarlo Cimoli is to its place until the privatization, the State rester? shareholder to 20% but the buyer potr? to make the necessary lay-offs the reorganization. The minister of the Economy has explicitly said in Commission Transports to it: "the occupational levels of Alitalia must be coherent with the industrial plan". possible that the occupation "diminishes", but "if the company has happened torner? to grow little in time ". The colleague of the Transports, in an interview that today appears on the Expressed one, has made it to know to the mayoralties in brutal terms: "the recreation? ended. The attention to the wage levels them and to the occupation dovr? to be compatible with the requirements of the company ". Amazing words of the minister indicated from the Italian Communists. For the mayoralties the words of the two have been one cold shower and one reason in devout? in order to confirm strike of the Alitalia staff gi? indetto in order tomorrow. The company attends "heavy uneasiness" and tens of cancellations. Claudius Genovesi of the Fit-Cisl says that "the vicissitude becomes rich every day of conflicting indications". The Sult considers of "one gravit? inaudita "the reaffirmation of Cimoli. In the government it puts into effect it them to enjoys insufficient support, but for Padoa-Schioppa it remains the referring one of the only solution gi? on the table, that is the fusion with Air France-Klm. There? who says there that the destiny of Alitalia is written in the agreement trades them with the franc-Dutch? who says that not sar? cos. In order to dispel every doubt within January to leave? one contest in order to choose the purchaser of 30.1% of Alitalia. The government you would see in one first phase well the income of an Italian associate, than at the moment it could be "Management and Understood them" of Carl De Benedetti and Diego Of they Goes, the bottom "save-enterprises" to which she would have had to participate also to Silvio Berlusconi. Yesterday for before the time Of Goes has admitted they the interest: "Alitalia? a great brand with one quantit? enormous of problems. If for? us sar? a group of Italian entrepreneurs who put entirety in order to see there if? a practicable solution I could be of the game ". The case wants that always yesterday, host of Porta.a.porta, has said enemy and former its acerrimo premier Berlusconi: "Alitalia? To these conditions I do not know who if she buys it ". The answer arriver? to the devout ones? soon. Padoa-Schioppa has promised to the ban within the end of the year and the complete privatization in six months. Tomorrow they will be formalizes advisor financial and the lawyers to you: between the eleven in lists there are Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Rotschild, Mediobanca, Unicredito and Capitalia. Those financial ones could be two, a chosen one between the Italians (say Mediobanca) and one international. Devout? ahead sar? chosen a advisor industrial.


Blessed: not there are the conditions for an income.

At the moment not there are the necessary conditions for an income of Italian entrepreneurs in Alitalia. the Ing has said. Carl De Blessed, exiting from the committee of Confindustria, specifying that there is "a discontinuity problem. Or the discontinuity exists or I personally do not believe that there will be some entrepreneur available ". De Blessed has however added that "it would be favorable that there were the conditions why a group of entrepreneurs or Italian investor concurred with Italy, like country, of having an airline as ce they have it also smaller countries much of ours and with one tourist vocation much inferior". The engineer has but ribadito that "today, on the base of the conditions that have been indicated from the government, I do not think that these conditions exist".


Autostrade-Abertis goodbye impossible Wedding.

All like previewed: after 8 months of risse and stamped papers the fusion between Autostrade and Abertis goes in the archives. At least for hour. The announcement arrives to half morning through an official notice of the board of directors agreed with the Spanish associates ("impossible to proceed, guilt of the hostile climate of the institutions"). The confirmation little hours after when the assembly of the associates renounces to distribute the maxidividendo from 2,1 billions previewed from the plan and archivia the practical one. Freeways aim the finger against the lacked authorization from part the Anas and the indeterminatezza of the produced legislative picture from ill-famed former article 12 of the Decree fiscal that see again all the matter of the highway concessions. "Too much uncertainty, impossible to proceed" has yesterday explained morning before in assembly and then in front of the journalists the president of Gian Freeways Maria Gros-Peter and the general executive manager Giovanni Castellucci. And while the representatives of the deep ones abstained themselves from the ballot, the representative of Schema28 (Benetton, Generates them, Unicredit, Foundation Crt and Abertis) formation with the management: "We share word for word the relation of the president". Which, of forehead to the associates, it has illustrated all one by one the obstacles that the government, the parliament and the Anas have frapposto to the fusion, but also it has explained that the two societies remain "convinced of the validity for if same, the own shareholders, the been involved markets and the systems of the two Countries which they belong, of the industrial plan of aggregation" and "of the European dimension of such plan". And therefore "auspicano that in future the conditions can be recreated in order to reconsider the plan, and to such aim they mean to continue jointly in the action and the dialogue to institutional level". In the meantime free all. Free Abertis to watch elsewhere and to try new investments, like what the past week has it capacity to become the first shareholder of the consortium to satellitare European Eutelsat. And free Freeways to search above all new business in the European East. "We have the competences and the force in order to play an international role" has explained Castellucci, admitting but that "without solid contractual foundations in our Country we will be able to have difficulty to operate to international level". Problems, of the rest, could be outlined also on the inner plan. "Every future investment will have to be based on sure, clear, transparent rules - it has specified to of Freeways - Until that there will be the conditions we will fulfill to the taken engagements, for those new ones we will estimate". For hour, to the contrary of Schema28 shareholder, Freeways it does not mean to intentare risarcitorie actions in the comparisons of the Anas: Gros-Peter defines in fact "conflicting" one conflict situation between conceding concessionaire and. And also the cause promoted from the Anas of forehead to the Civil court considers it "more a clarification of the past that one contrast for the future. Therefore very it comes ". And very comes some days before invites it to the advanced dialogue from the minister Antonio Di Peter. That in its turn it explains: "the stop to the fusion? A transaction between private: before if they are made it and then if they are stoppata it ". Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Ugl applaudono. "Finally a born plan is closed badly" says for all Guglielmo Epifani. In Ag the title it accusation the blow and loses 1.5% to quota 21,8 euro. To Madrid, Abertis goes on of 1%.


Ag: Milan opens in rise Mibtel +0,23%.

Opening of sitting in rise for Public square Transactions, with the first Mibtel index that marks +0.23%, to 31.640 points. The S&P/Mib knows them of 0.28%, the Allstars earns 0.11%, also the Midex is in rise (+0.07%). To Milan, endured down Alitalia -1,72%, they share the titles well them that they had run yesterday: +0.99% Stmicroelectronics, +0.7% Tenaris. The European ags open in rise, in attended of the Opec apex, the bulletin salary of the Bce and the data on the sales by piece in Great Britain. At the social forehead, reflectors head to you at Nestle', after the purchase of the division of alimony clinicians from Novartis, and on Danisco, that it introduces turns out to you budgetary. Therefore: Paris +0.52%, London +0.49%, Zurigo +0.35% and Frankfurt +0,30%. Closing in decided rise for the ag of Tokyo that has touched the higher values of last the seven months on the strong performance of the esportatrici companies (that they continue to benefit of the decrease of the yen) and on the calculation that difficultly the Bank of Japan will raise the interest rates in the short period. The Nikkei has earned 136,27 points (+0.82%) to quota 16,829, the higher value from 11 May. In positive also the increased index Topix that has taken 12,66 points (+0.77%) to 1.651 points. Wall ßstreet has closed yesterday in most light rise in spite of the optimal data on the sales by piece that in November they have grown of 1% against the increment of attended 0.2% to the eve. To the term of the sitting, the Dow Jones has earned 0.02% to 12.317 points while the Nasdaq is salted of 0.03% to 2.432 points. Better S&P 500 that has taken 0.12% to 1.413 points. In sitting start, the euro it comes yesterday exchanged to 1,3218 dollars against the 1,3223 of the closing. The communitarian uniform is strengthened instead in the comparisons of the Japanese uniform: it comes yesterday exchanged to 155,31 yen regarding the 155,14 of the closing. The Japanese uniform yesterday remains weak person also in the comparisons of the exchanged dollar coming to 117,50 against the 117,40 of the closing.


Bce: "In 2007, the debit under 3%". The Bce promotes the Financial institution.

The relationship between deficit and Pil in Italy - law in the last arrived economic bulletin from Frankfurt - will come down hardly "to of under" the threshold of 3% in 2007. Of fact the accounts Italian publics will improve "thanks to the package of reorganization contained in the law budgetary for 2007 and to coming less of the temporary effects" of the sentence of the Law court of the European Communities, that it will involve instead unfavorable fiscal effects on the accounts of this year. The announcement of the Bce arrives to the eve of the confidence to the Senate to the maxiemendamento to the Financial institution, previewed tomorrow to the 20.00. The minister of the Economy Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa will be present tomorrow in Classroom to the Senate for the retort of the government in closing of the general argument on the law financial institution. The President of the Senate has said, Franc Navy. "For the retort of the government - the minister of the Economy has said in classroom Navy will come in Senate".


China begins to play with the changes.

In the article of it asserts that China is strengthening the mechanisms in order to make trading on the obvious valute..era the news. With all the reservoirs that China arranges have been "encouraged" to utlizzare the enormous surplus in order to help the dollar, in fact the article asserts that "the changes it coincides with to rapid build-up in reserves and increasing pressure on the Chinese authorities to maintain the value of the funds given the fall in the value of the US dollar" The mission American in China is beginning to give its yields


It seems that in those of Ponzano Veneto for null they have not taken (the vicissitude well to it highway...

the thing could not end here. Alitalia instead would make hard work to find expecting (to the foreign country...). located conditions for the operation is heavy. Perhaps just in order not to render the mouthful... to the foreign country too much attractive?


The force of hisses.

Therefore, Prodi has admitted "tactical errors" as far as the Financial institution and Fassino has asked a "change for route". E' the first important sign that finally they are beginning to yield. It hisses will crumble them. Hour indeed enough, not if of puo' more. Of their idea of administration of the State based on one risen of regimen of Excise and Revenue Police. Of their statalista state planning. Therefore, it hisses, it hisses, it hisses: this the prescription. I must say that this idea of the revolt to blows of hisses begins to entusiasmarmi. The "driven crazy Country" answers therefore to who has defined it such.


Horses to Moscow and Hong Kong.

Style from "aggressive panther and sexy" are not for all, but not there is doubt that Roberto Horses has become in the last period a symbol of the Italian fashion, in native land and to the foreign country. The confirmation the development of its pdv to the foreign country: last it arrives Moscow and Hong to you Kong. To Moscow Rublevo Uspenskoe Highway in the prestigious Luxury Village to the inside has been inaugurated a flagship from 350 the 144 meters squared to of which they find space the collections woman, man and accessories, that it goes to join to the boutique open in May 2004, and hour completely renewed. The second monomarks to Just Horses of Hong Kong has opened to Harbour City: a space of 300 meters square distributed on two levels, where the air and the dynamic and multicultural style of Just are breathed, young line of the designer. Glass, mirrors steel, suspended skin and lights able to recreate a stellato sky that is reflected on the pavements in sparkling crystal in resin silver are the dominant elements of the store to the inside of which they will be to disposition the collections woman, man and accessories.


Announced the new Vodafone SKY TV.

Milan - As marked from the rumors it circulates to you in evidenced net and from an advance of the Courier of the Evening, is reached from Vodafone Italy and SKY the attended announcement of the launch of Vodafone SKY TV, the new service of mobile TV digita them on technology DVB-H. New solution of entertainment realized from the two big in order to render fruibile programming SKY on telefonini the Vodafone, the service previews a selection of the contents of the famous platform to satellitare and contained "ad hoc" it thinks you for I use in mobility. The proposal of Vodafone SKY TV includes Fox One (one selection from palimpsests of FOX, FoxCrime, FoxLife), cartoon, Disney Mobile Channel, DeeJay TV, FX, classics of commedia to the Italian, Cine Shots (the channel of entertainment developed for Vodafone), the games of channels SKY Soccer of Championship of the Series To (Milan, Rome, Inter, Lazio, Ascoli, Chievo, Empoli, Livorno, Reggina, Siena, Udinese) and of all the B Series (to exclusion of the inner contests of Naples and the Genoa), the match of the UEFA Champions League. SKY TG the 24 and SKY will not lack news Sport 24. Vodafone SKY TV, in free promotion until 31 March 2007, comes proposed in coupling to new LG KU950, a TVfonino offered with prices beginning from 99 euro. With display panoramic a QVGA from 262mila colors, from 2,4 inches and rotary to 180 degrees, the KU950 concurs the access with the TV through a key dedicated posizionato on the keyboard of the cellular one, than normally it is hidden from the display. The apparatus concurs moreover the connection to Internet on net HSDPA, calls, videochiamate, photographic releases (thanks to the external camera from 1,3 Megapixel) and resumptions video in format 3GP with one the maximum resolution of 320x240 pixel. Finally, in order to concur the memorization of brani MP3 or applications java, the inner memory of the cellular one (of 60MB) can be extended until 2GB, thanks to uses of type memories microSD. For ulterior information on this or other apparatuses it is possible to visit the situated Mobile LG.


"Ban of contest between 10-15 days".

"COHERENT OCCUPATIONAL LEVELS WITH PLAN" the privatization of Alitalia - the minister has continued - is "taken of action of a failure of the society and the state the regolator and shareholder" in guaranteeing the survival of the company in the passage from the monopoly to one market situation. According to Padoa-Schioppa the occupational levels of Alitalia will have to be "coherent with the industrial plan that will come put to point from the purchaser otherwise risks to being indefensible". Moreover it has added Padoa-Schioppa, "the privatization is not the conclusive action of the government but only the beginning of a more effective action". It objects to you, it has assistant, "are to privatize well, to realize a reorganization plan, I throw again and development, to safeguard the interests generates them and the occupational levels".


The position of the World-wide Contract on the Water on the dimissioni of Riccardo Petrella from the Presidency of ilano the Pugliese.

Aqueduct, 13 Decembers 2006 - Often the haste to take position, does not help us to estimate in weighted way thing has happened in Puglia, and therefore to recepire like, ours in spite of, we are been involved all to act but also to recompose our forehead and to increase the consent around our ideas being thrown again them with greater force. This premise in order to signal that there are tax, before expressing judgments under the effect of the most disparati feelings, a moment of collective argument, like Italian Committee and to that has had Hush of these days. For we, before every other consideration, the dimissioni of Riccardo Petrella from the Pugliese Aqueduct are a blow that we endure all. The Nichi president I sell it, Riccardo Petrella, all the alternative movement, you leave yourself that they are engages to you in making to assume to the Government of the Union the engagement not to privatize the water services asserting the principle that property and management must remain publics, the mayoralties who are escapes from Hush, the common ones, province and the administrations that they do not want to break off the ties directed with their citizens, the public enterprises that they have intentional to remain such in spite of the economic blackmails. And to the end the blow, ripercuoterà on the same national political picture of is sure. Therefore nobody is saved outside with the game of the accusations and pulling itself. All we are calls to you to measure to us with the problems you mail, also to those contrasting places from I sell it and from Petrella that not necessarily must configgere. Remembering to us if never we had forgotten it: - how much is heavy and determining the crash that is played around the public management of the AQP, but also to the privatization of the water sevizi in our country, the mercificazione of a common good like the water. - how much is hard and often without answer, the offensive in action in the regions from part of strong the economic powers and the greater Italian, cross-sectional political part to the government and the opposition, consociativa in the interests, than on the privatizations, on the withdrawn one of the state from the economy, on the mercificazione of the common assets, beyond constructing the just oligarchical one to be able, it privatizes same politics, it cancels every culture of the res publishes in the conscience of people, ago to come less the ties that hold a community together, it is killing the democracy and the confidence in the institutions. - how much this offensive is general, and regards the Lombardy with the regional law that obligates to the privatization, the Sicily with the commissariamento of the common rebels, the Tuscany that it rejects without to discuss it the law of popular initiative. Finally the dimissioni signal to us that this offensive of the privatizzatori has cracked our forehead, just here, where the movement has spold its more prestigious men and placed its advanced trench more: the management of the pugliese aqueduct and the binomial I sell it, Petrella. E' from that every reflection must leave, the rest, even if does not go here neglected, ago part of the reactions of the persons who have been and are in front line, to which asks not to close itself to the collective reflection. That just because collective and has political valence, must engage all: they, we movement of the water in the first place and then the movements alternated to you, associations, the ONG, you leave yourself, the secretaries of you leave yourself, the association of the elect ones of the water who after to have been elect they are talk nonsense to you, the local administrators who imperturbable continue in their ruotines, the intellectuals that do not shine in this occasion, the parroci, the average close to the movements. All we would have to be asked: what we have made, how many energies and attention we have dedicated or we are dedicating in order to make to grow and to diffuse the knowledge that is mercificando the water and the same life and that this crash touches most fundamental of the rights. This attack is in action today and regards all? We have known to read in the sale of the water between Puglia, Basilicata, Molise, Campania the manifestation of the mercificazione of the water? We have comprised that in the debits it accumulates you from the passages managements of the pugliese aqueduct with the bank Merrill Lynch, cosi like in the indebtedness on the financial markets of many of our common ones and municipial companies, the dimension of the politics is all that are privatized delivering if same and city assets of all we to the banks. We have understood that for the services local publics the idea, expressed from the president of the Lombardy, is that one to render all the services bankable publics and that one still more feracious of the Read undersecretary that it promises to stanare the "tesoretti publics compressed" of the services publics held hidden from the mayors, in order to free them and to deliver them finally R-al.mercato: to the Mount of the Paschi to Fideuram, Bank Understanding, Caltagirone to Suez. There is the image of the bank Mac Quaire that acquires with an operation from 14 billions of Euro the Thames Water and of fact it manages the entire English water service? What we are making in order to organize the resistance to this perspective of mercificazione? How much we have protested, denounced, asked you leave yourself, to the Prodi Government the respect of the engagements taken in the program of the Union? How much there are detaches you from ours accustoms them political and social tasks, from our battles for desires that we exchange for fundamental rights in order to place attention to how much is happening to a right, to a common good like that one to the water? In Sicily for the water they are come down in public square: the students, the mayoralties the mayors, and win. Why only in Sicily? From a consideration to which but of it Nichi I sell it of it Riccardo Petrella they can here sottrarsi. And it is that one of a deficit of information and relationships with the movement, in the merit of the problems that are fates in the course of a year and means. The hardness of the crash, the difficulties, the political pressures, the ties, the old and new obstacles, the various appraisals that are born from the various roles and the various exposures, could be faced without the information and possible the widest involvement of the civil society not only pugliese? We think not the Pugliese Aqueduct in how much laboratory we could not that to be one display window. And the obstacles are removed modifying the force ratios, informing and with the mobilitation of the consciences of the citizens. We are not between whom they banalize the problems, we know that it is not easy to move between ties and the compromises of the various institutions, than all we cannot be rendered of public domain, but Hush for 18 months he has been heavy, mistaken, counter-productive and the management has ended with appearing unavoidablly one personal enterprise. And this limit we watch a po' within is in acting of many in the movement. Finally the conclusive consideration is on "that making". As World-wide Contract we want to indicate some distances that we think priority. The law of popular initiative: this is the priority for we and on this our efforts go all. The collection of the companies, the banquets multiplying itself of the initiatives, sights like a formidable occasion in order to increase the forehead, to by now throw again the values and the contents of a battle for the water that all over the world, small blade has become one that digs in the system, of extension the distruttività, the arrogance, the weakness. Within to this engagement we place the node of I throw again of the relationship with the politics that langue in ties of the government experiences. We ask (politics) to the parliamentarians, to the mayors to the city council members, the councilmen, the ATO, to organize itself for this battle, of give visible, relazionabili shapes of presence with the civil society, of give one strategy, one attivizzazione, of the initiatives, of the expirations, to constitute of the Nets to defense of the public water. We beginning from place the node of the relationship with the public enterprises those that have refused to go to contest or to melt themselves with others, from the comprised pugliese aqueduct therefore. We ask they to be associated, to deliver up itself in political subject in a position to weighing in the crash, to assert the value of the res publishes, to begin the effective ripubblicizzazione to experience the participation. We have endured a blow, but often the endured blows are transformed in occasions of throw again, opportunity in order to introduce better the own reasons, into one greater clarity to our inside, in order to lock the row and give one moved all how many. In, the relationship on the human development of the United Nations it is written that of forehead to that represents the right to the denied water, who is not engaged he will be subordinate to a verdict of the history. Here, to this verdict we want to go all to high head?


Arrived version 8,0 of Adobe Reader, the software for the document sharing on various platforms and through Internet.

Possible to unload the software Adobe Reader 8 free of charge. The program allows to exchange information in sure shape between companies, public agencies, citizens and consumers who can consult, search, sign digitally and collaborate for means of rows pdf. Adobe Reader 8 has also a new push-button ' Start Meeting' (active for single hour in the United States) that nozzle Adobe Acrobat Connect, a service managed in hosting from Adobe that allows to collaborate on linens in real time through Adobe Flash Player. Puo' to unload the pdf Reference, it completes with the detailed lists of the version puts into effect them pdf 1,7, from the situated official.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Introduced "Thousand Miles" 2006

Be introduced officially to Geneva in the Museum of the Automobile in occasion of the International Hall of the Automobile edition 2006 of the Thousand Miles. The event is programmed from the 11 to 14 May 2006 on the classic director Long Brescia-Rome-Brescia 1600 km. After the laborious phase of selection of questions (very 780) it is joints to I launch of the enrolled official directory of the 375, in representation of 29 Nations of five Continents. The distance of the Thousand Miles introduces numerous varying regarding past, to leave from the place of the perforation to Brescia, that it returns - like in 1929 and 1930 - in Public square of the Loggia, to cause of the yard for the metropolitan who renders inaccessible Public square Victoria. Great wait for the raid by horseback that furrows centers historians of the more fascinating city of Italy and value small villages antichi and incontaminate natural reservoirs. Between presences of I enunciate, those of the champions of the motorismo, divi of the world of music, the cinema, of the theatre, beyond to captains of industry irretiti from the world of the motors.


All ready ones for the Thousand Miles

The appointment with the myth is renewed: from tomorrow to 13 May, the beautifulr roads of Italy will be invaded from the 375 crews enrolled to the Thousand Miles rievocativa, classified to the cars that, from 1927, disputed "true" editions of competition. To the way, this year previewed in public square of the Loggia to Brescia, the protagonists of a time are all, to leave from the O.M. of 1929 and continuing with the beautifulst Bugatti and by now mythical Mercedes "300 vincitrice SLR" in 1955 with Stirling Moss of the faster edition. More than ever nourished the patrol of Italian cars, from the Alpha to the Maserati, the Nozzle to the Ferrari


BMW celebrates the Thousand Miles

From the first moment it can be confused with the BatMobile, instead it is the concept-car signed BMW and introduced from the Bavarian House R-all'.apertura of Thousand Miles 2006. Mechanically based on one most modern BMW Z4 M Coupé, this "innominata" car it is I pay of the Bavarian House to the more important competition than historical cars of the world. The concept car reinterpreta in modern and technological key the shapes of the 328 BMW MILIMETER Coupé, the car that gained just the Thousand Miles in 1940. BMW has it defined "a bridge between past, present and future", therefore like ago the Thousand Miles - year after year - in the world of sport motoring. One beautiful initiative.


Thousand Miles 2006: Giuliano Canè wins

The Thousand Miles the 2006 incorona for the ninth time its more celebre champion: after a beginning declared from the crew same "not satisfactory", Giuliano Canè and the moglie Lucia Galliani have been authors of one rimonta winning on which little would have bet. The 60enne from Bologna, entrepreneur in the field of the agricultural seeds, has prevailed with with following cars: in the ' 92 on BMW 507, in the ' 94 on Nozzle Aurelia B20, in the ' 96, ' 98, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 on Bmw 328. Admirable placings for two between the VIP debuttanti to the contest: the attrice Julia Montanarini in brace with Maximum Born them (Jaguar) has arrived 54.esima, while the Stiff musician of the group Helium and History (Porsche) has been classified 60°.


Lexus LS 600h, the limousine electrical worker

The Lexus (brand of lusso of the Toyota) is creating great expectation around the renewed "LS", attended in Europe to aim 2006. The Japanese flagship will be the first car with change to 8 relationships, able to park alone and, now, also before with a hybrid V8 to benzine and electricity. The propeller, been born from the experience of the Group with the Toyota "Prius" and with Lexus RX 400h and "S 450h, are" 5000 "that, arranged with electric motors to high ability and batteries of generous dimensions, develop altogether beyond 435 CV. In our Country, Lexus LS 600h would have to be in sale to leave from the summer of 2007; normal school LS 460 to benzine, instead, is attended in the concessionaires in the October of 2006. An car a lot interesting.


The future is "self-parking"

A good news for who has problems to carry out the parking maneuvers: soon they will be in sale car in a position to to park itself alone. To write it it is the Wall ßstreet Journal, in an article all dedicating to the new technologies that i producers of automobiles are experimenting. After the Cruise Control, that it helps to maintain the speed within the limits, and the dispositive anti-tamponamento, that it maintains the distance of emergency from the vehicle that precedes, the new frontier of attendance instruments are the Self-Parking: in the wait, we prepare ourselves with the video of 460 Lexus LS L and the BMW in action!


RK 400h, the first hybrid SUV to the world

The hybrid for when exists a way in order to satisfy the double personality of the motorist American (with the car the benzine it knows them and with the SUV in order to satisfy the anxiety from performance)? Lexus has launch on the market the RK 400h, the first hybrid SUV to world! In this way "it resolves in brilliant way the ancient paradox of the compatibility between high performances, bottom consumption of fuel and emissions reduced "thanks to a motor to V6 benzine and two electric motors who works sinergicamente producing in compplesso one typical power of a V8 motor. You enough?


As a V12 Ferrari is born For the series "we make of the evil"

I propose you a video that collects all is made of the construction of a V12 motor; and not of twelve cylinders any, but a signed V12 Ferrari (the propeller mounted on the 612 Scaglietti). Photogram after photogram, from the fusion of the main organs to the test bench: a cortometraggio from Lion of Gold. Indeed, from Rampante Little horse!


Fiat flies in Ag

Yesterday the title it Fiat in last Ag has ritoccato the maximum of the 4 years, touching the 12,15 euro, in rise of 3,07%. market watches to the opa of Man on Scania, operation that, in the case of Fiat, could make to riparametrare the value of Iveco to advantage of the group leader. Marchionne, instead, from Nanchino in China confirmation the intention of the Group to buy back the quota Ferrari (29% currently) in hand to Mediobanca. To of Fiat it marks in calendar that the operation will come completed within end of month.


Ferrari Enzo: adjudicated!

The object more beloved never sold on the situated one of auctions eBay? One Ferrari Enzo of 2002, realized in order to render homage to the unforgettable Drake. The bolide of Maranello, than thanks to its 12 cylinders exceed the speed of 350 kilometers to the hour, it has caught up the quotation record of 535.000 pounds, nearly 800,000 Euro. Far from negligible if it is considered that one Enzo new coast 660,000 euro (1 euro for horse!). The previous record belonged to one purse of former the first minister Margaret Thatcher that, six years ago, came always adjudicated on eBay for 103mila pounds with one quotation departure of single 99 pence.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


The Ferrari is of new of Fiat

Like announced from Marchionne more resumptions, Fiat has exercised the option call for buys back from Mediobanca and the

others participants to the consortium of 2,3 million actions Ferrari (892 million euro), par to 28.63% of the understood one

them, elevating own participation to 85%. The Arab Mubadala Development Company, that equal quota to approximately 5%

currently has one, it will remain to the inside of the share compages of the Ferrari also in relation to the important plan

in course for realization to Abu Dhabi of the great thematic park dedicated to the house of the Little horse (but mountains

Russian indeed, red, they will go to 300 to the hour).


Ferrari and the integral revolution

According to various indiscretions the Ferrari would by now have completed the development of a system of integral traction

for its future cars. To difference of the systems it uses you from Lamborghini and Audi, would be a matter but of one

integral traction "inseribile", managed from the electronics, that it would allow to join the benefits of the posterior

traction with the emergency of the four drive wheels in conditions of insufficient adhesion. The system will be usable is on

the Ferrari to motor front (599 GTB, 612 Scaglietti) that its those to motor centers them (F430, Enzo) nonchè on those

currently in phase of planning, like eredi of the Enzo and the F430 and the Dino new.


The Ferrari returns to the rally

A Ferrari that competes in the Rallies. It will happen from the next year when the rallies will be opened newly to the

Great Tourism. draft of one 360 Modena of the cremonese scuderia Ferraris, elaborated from the Gtae Engineering of Milan.

Good first impressions, to the height of the Mitsubishi Evo IX with which one agrees, even if the road for development of

one two drive wheels with 462 CV to employ in i rally are still long...


Ferrari Dino between refutation and confirmations

In spite of the refutation official from part of Fiat, new indiscretions reach approximately a next debut of the Ferrari

Dino, the entry-level that it would allow the Little horse to make competition stainless Porsche 911. It would come produced

in 4000 units the year to leave from 2009, using the pianale of next Maserati GT Coupe and one varying from 4,0 liters of

the V8 Maserati. We wait for it with anxiety!


A10 askaris, the Ferrari d' England

The ambition of sure does not lack to the Askaris, one small English House that produces cars to highest handicraft

performances: with the new A10 model it wants quite to compete with Ferrari FXX! The 10 previewed exemplary, to the contrary

of the missile of the Little horse, they will be accredited for the street use and they will cost "single" 500,000 euro, a

quarter of the price of FXX. In spite of a V8 of 5.0 liters they give beyond 620 CV and one body carbon fiber car of the

total weight of approximately 1200 kilograms, in order to compete with one of the 30 exemplary of FXX Schumacher wants very

other to us (otherwise would have bought qualcos' other!).


The Ferrari Schumacher Tribute Chopper F1

After the withdrawal from the scenes of one of the pilots larger than all the times, it is normal school that multiply the

occasions of celebration and pays. The Chopper F1 in the photo of is an example: it mounts a motor from 140cv of Triumph 955

triple enclosed in a chassis that it resumes the flanks of the Ferrari Formula 1. The Chopper F1 already has been sold to

the auction on eBay, in order to see it in action it remains this video!


Here the New Ferrari Dino What is the new Ferrari Dino?

This model of test, based on the F430, a lot probably is that one of the future entry-level of the Little horse. The V8

motor from 400 horses will be one of the winning crews in order to try to unhinge the dominion of Porsche 911, of the Bmw M6

and the Aston Martin V8. The Dino new will be sold to a price that will oscillate between the 100.000 and the 110,000 euro

and sales forecasts indicate one production of 4000 units to the year. Like brought back from WorldCarfans, it will come

constructed in the Maserati plants of Modena and, if not there are difficulties, he will be available for 2009


Ferrari Panamerica 20,000: completed mission!

One has yesterday concluded Wall ßstreet, of forehead to the New York Exchange Stock, along raid covered from two Ferrari

599 GTB Fiorano left beyond 32.000 km before from I bleat Horizonte in Brasi them. Panamerican 20,000 has marked probante of

i tests for the last NATO of Maranello. They have been in fact the 48 journalists who are themselves alternated to the guide

in 15 stages often hardest that they have crossed Brasi them and the Argentine Pampas, the Andean plateaus and the steps to

beyond 4.000 meters, the tropical lands of the centroamerica until before crossing Mexico and United States with a last

stage in Canada of the arrival to New York. Old test. And then nearly nearly of it I buy one.


Maranello Village, the residence for the Ferrari dependent

The Ferrari excellence in the cars of series and the competition is not daughter of the case but rather than one company

policy that it sees to the center of the attention the dependent. The factory of Maranello, as an example, is a land

paradise. Like to define a job atmosphere otherwise where the maestranze pass the days between cars from dream, garden

botanists, cascades of water, light, air and temperatures acclimatize held them under control constantly, and where all,

also the pavements, they are cleaned up and pulls to you to mirror as in it knows it delivery? To this the "Marenello

Village" joins, the residential complex for the Ferrari dependent inaugurated today from Todt and Piero Ferrari: 122

apartments in four mansions harmonized with the surrounding atmosphere and connects you to the factory from one ciclabile

track. Here why all would want to work in Ferrari!


The new Ferrari Dino s' does not

have to make Although numerous rumors and the some spy photos, Amedeo Felisa, general manager of the Little horse, have

declared to the Hall of Los Angeles that the Ferrari is not developing one car from the reduced cost more (approximately

130.000 dollars) like the mythical ones Dino of the past. In effects, if the objective is that one to maintain the great

exclusive feature of the brand, one baby Ferrari it would risk to popolarizzare the customers too much. The Ferrari is not

the Porsche. The Ferrari is the Ferrari.


The new Ferrari Enzo takes shape

The times for a heir of supercar the Enzo seem already mature. We leave from the motor: vocifera is what it turns currently

in the FXX; the unit 12 cylinders that the super Ferrari will equip will have one cubature of 7 liters with feeding

atmospheric. With the maximum regimen in the order of the 9,500 - 10,000 turns the maximum power would be attested on the

value of 850 horses. The most smaliziati they connect this model to the recent innovation of the inseribile integral

traction. We will see. For how much regards the design, will be the careful and scupolose hands of Jason Castriota

(Pininfarina), already author of the arrogant ones shapes of the 599 and P 4/5, to put molding on the new one bolide. Even

if it will be difficult to exceed puts into effect it them Enzo.

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