Saturday, December 09, 2006


Ferrari Panamerica 20,000: completed mission!

One has yesterday concluded Wall ßstreet, of forehead to the New York Exchange Stock, along raid covered from two Ferrari

599 GTB Fiorano left beyond 32.000 km before from I bleat Horizonte in Brasi them. Panamerican 20,000 has marked probante of

i tests for the last NATO of Maranello. They have been in fact the 48 journalists who are themselves alternated to the guide

in 15 stages often hardest that they have crossed Brasi them and the Argentine Pampas, the Andean plateaus and the steps to

beyond 4.000 meters, the tropical lands of the centroamerica until before crossing Mexico and United States with a last

stage in Canada of the arrival to New York. Old test. And then nearly nearly of it I buy one.

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