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According to the Huffington station, the Yahoo plans of the nachinat' (zapuskat ') of the miniuchastkov (minisaytov) 100 of the firm sample with its "program" of the universe of the stamp during this year - "the great impact of the declaration" envisaged in order "to connect the points between the contents and the users" this project distant was not extinct during a certain time and you cannot buy his manner in the program, which runs the overseer universe of the wine stamp of broaday it indicates while that one "Yahoo that completely projects to divide the movement, of the behavior given with these shown of kompaniyami/markami." This initiative makes Yahoo possible to propose to the users more and with the skontsentrirovannyy (intensivnyy) the experiment of the declaration without the vein: its uchastok (sayt) of Wii obtained with to 1.2 million impressions during November, now lost will teles-demuestra and with potter of established Harry, to test a similar consolidation of its profile of on line. Seek for the court nazvaniya (imena) and soft of the area with "the firm sample, directly thrown v" think, for example. I agree with Mayklom Arringtonom in TechCrunch, which it focuses the attention, which, while Yahoo affirms that it was happy on the transformation in the money of these new uchastkov (saytov) and currently it will work with the stamps directly. It bet, probably, that one this will change. How could this not? You print with representatives, especially critical for the efforts for the development of the nazvaniya (imeni), it will approach soon persistent in Yahoo, which is awaited to announce in the universe of the stamp. The battell Juan precisement indicates that this dvizheniye (shag) does consolidate Yahoo like the platform of the marketing of the selection and speaks, that which thinks that "the stamp are it new aqueous refrigerators" are appropriate it? The users like hang with dear firm samples of on line, and Yahoo can propose the third place between the social doors of the organization of the network and print that to contribute of the uchastki (sayty). This really led what is logical after the question: of What does show-T bookmark - this one a manner or another? Stamps or users?


American office

know you that the American office of the trade mark deviated the nazvaniye (imya) of the article on the known foam of Lotsa? Or does that the known firm samples of the type of Vittles offer, from the small stick of the companion and the very difficult trade marks really of Bufferin have to protect in the cut from law? Problemy(Vypuski) of the trade mark it arrives at being increasingly more complex and can empetrer the nazvaniye (imya) of the article or the firm sample and the principal part of that, of which the company of the oboznacheniya (perechisleniya) milked in the daily base. Stat' ya (izdeliye) recent, which not to name its article, dzhakobs mark K, points out to us that the trade mark - it does not mark the obsluzhivaniya (Sluzhby) and this one, of the trade marks - always "the adjectives and nonsubstantial". Jacobs means that there is not thing like "Buick" in the world of the trade marks, but there is only "automobile of Buick". Food with these people, that do not call with consultants, I then not to know about others several interesting things: this same tverdo (trudno) with the trade mark the surname of the man and is almost impossible with the nazvaniye (imya) geographical of the trade mark for the article or the obsluzhivaniya (sluzhby), which do not arrive of this place. Fact, if the zayavleniye (primeneniye) of the recording of the trade mark is deviated, this - pain of not very probable head for the candidate. I assume that which leads this rough water - the part of the work of somebody grows more of pretty company of the oboznacheniya (perechisleniya), which can make the sample firm suitable, necessary is made research avoid the escaramuzas trade mark



Canada finally Prerekayetsya that the debater of Daimler Chrysler jeep says that the cars sweat directly obtained under the Second World war of the jeeps, it will be finally known as debaters in Canada - since are located in more than 100 of other markets. I is satisfied. It resembles oneself that "General Motors" randomly had a use of the nazvaniya (imeni) in Canada for the car of the pogruzki (pikapa), while forcing Canadian debaters to be knowledge like "TJs" (after its internal designations of the fabric (organa)), only these two companies of the benefit in the "friendly" comprehension, which considers that the GM gives the firm sample known Daimler to Chrysler. This will decrease the expenses of marketing for the company and the means of transport, where this one belongs legal. I know that the debater nazvaniya (imeni) is used, obviously, by many companies, including the marks of Hormel factory which satisfies with effectiveness of the turns, hardly as the known stamp of trousers of the cowherds of the debater and the commando less known of the beisbol of the debater in the E.E.U.U.. This one is - the nazvaniye (imya) sufficiently courageous, which determines its useful market clearly - nazvaniy (imen) gendering of the car - something, which wrote on that one, before its aktsiya (aktivy) would be deeply held so much in 4x4 the culture which of sound tverdyy (trudnyy) that saw it that this constantly fast disappears the obstacle



China develops its samples close personal if there are three things, it it is possible or to be convinced in the future, they that they follow: they will burden us, we will die, and see new Chinese stamps of the car during the four following years. Found this by interesting that one SAIC that the corporation of the engine controlled by the state, which it partner with VW and the GM in China, is nachinat' (zapuskat preparation ') its that clean of the stamp conveys. The new firm sample does not miss however, but make already the first trajectory, contornear by 600.000 per 2010. In the final analysis, they project to oscillate more than 2 million cars for the year of the korotko (vskore) after that, and will have probably sure need razmyshlenii (vzglyadakh) for architectures of the stamp. SAIC will use technology, bought magnesium of Rovera to make the cars new. Observe this mesto (kosmos), because without importing the fact the fact that the mark of introduced factory SAIC, it is sure to be the conqueror.



Toyota is introduced the new Chinese stamps cheap Toyota seen persistent at the Chinese market, by projecting the offer

of the new firm sample of the cheap and happy car in the months arrived for the Chinese users. The company, that "General Motors" in sales will exceed soon, would prove "jump of the quantum" in sales, if the stamps of what is Chinese seized. I think the some surprise of industry, if Toyota enters to China, by using new firm samples in its totality, by fearing, that the sale of cheap cars with with what is Chinese could decrease Toyota the firm sample. Toyota only makes, that, since this incorporated the luxury and the markets for the molodezhi (yuntsa) A the USA with Lexus and by the branch, respectively. A thing is ensured that I is sure: Toyota will be stopped before what is rigid vyzovami (pretenziyami) Chinese producers of the car, who will not easily transfer this market flowering to the Japanese. Since I observed in the preceding blog station, Oboznacheniye (Perechisleniye) of the article: China wishes its stamp, Chinese it has already sample firm of Chery and one gives return persistent to the switch to be the supplier of the selection to the alien companies with the offer of users in peace informs to interest, the cheap Chinese stamps, which compete with with the large companions. I it is sure, that which will not be stopped in the superfluous side, while Toyota assumes that its domestic market


Prefer cruel semi horses...

prefer cruel semi horses... and in Durango and the debater at least an expert of marketing assied, that really really we assign with classes with the articles in the process of the oboznacheniya (perechisleniya) of stamps. The barbarian semi horse of Ford appears to the man of the nazvaniyem clearly (imenem), while the secoya of Toyota is more female. The name of Durango is also man (the names, which is concluded in "or" in Spanish, is man). Stat' ya(Izdeliye) which it speaks about the "exit" gendered of the words in English Makita the tools of the vlasti (Moshchi) - that gone useful is prevailing the man, only who nazvaniye (imya) sounds with the female - it had an obstacle, to exceed, when A the E.E.U.U. arrived. Food which in the article, while calling I negotiate them we were articles gendering prednamerenno by many years to give return to the correct useful market, and the exit of the language - part only of this. Specifically, any secret car similar to the debater of the jeep clearly of the razrabotan (they prednaznachen) for the useful market of the man, while Klio operation is considerably more female and modest. My recent article, calling the station with the nazvaniyakh (imenakh) of the motor cycle of HERO KHONDY shows also the crescent capriciousness opinion of the man, when this one arrives in its dear stamps that



Where the BMW of the mark of factory is a police officer? You prostite my privilege in the small malevolent joy, but me find that which while encouraging to reveal that including largest LED world LED producer of the cars of the premium has control LED dispatches, like the users transfer his nazvaniye (imya). Or this is - did the precursor K, largely spoke to ponyatii (kontseptsii) during currently that "user, imeyushchego (priznayushchego) print"? One predicts, that with the advent of Seti (Tkani) 2.0 social companies of the organization of a standard network LED, the balance of forces LED peremeshchayutsya (izmenyayutsya) of the companies and establishments with the users is similar to to you and me. BMW AGS, which is Werke AGS of Bayerische Motoren of the reduction, or in English, Bavarian work of the engine, in explicit German "moulded the edge of Emmas vay." In North America, however, the BMW the cars one generally calls the "bimmers", (in the German language, the correct pronunciation of the beemer of the "bimmer" of the sroka (it finishes) - ".") "Beemer which" one enters towards outside since the oho of principle 20 of the century the British pronunciation of the organization of the American explorers of boy, another motor cycle, which it frequently continued against BMWs. after a certain hour, srok (termin) it was connected closely with the BMW with the motor cycles; however. In the final beemer of the analysis the pronunciation of the word was applied almost exclusively to its car -. and there, of Beemer it transformed the horn of plenty of the cultural transfers mutual these which were not returned to control. In Russia, for example, the car is examined by the lazy person - who, the USA, resembles the poor experiment of what is preparata (narkotika). In Lithuania, other side, the users consign really the sure movement in strong Bambalis - the nazvanii (imeni), which is with the noyushche similar to the German word of the Bamboos, that indicates the bamboo. In Greece, limiting, Mashinu (Mekhanizm) - Drinks that they lead - they close them in the pronunciation with the German verb they drink, which indicates to vary, the seism or the gnashing. Meet this, majority to bring in despondency, in Mexico, of the drivers which it can roughly leave its MARK of the DATA in a certain part - which, according to our American mannersu of the lack, noncorrect act with the defecation (MARK of the DATA). For a more great deal of varieties in how the BMW Beemer is explicit in various cultures, Bavaria Bimmera lit I of the prover' you - the knights of Newswire.



Plane, trains, and Cliffriders? Cliffrider new Tata by the engines was recemmentrecentement neglected in the demonstration of the engine of Geneva. This is described in the recent station in Autoblog like "means of the transport of the mul' tiservisnoye". I think that "MUV" which tries to be all each one. Confusion in the nazvaniyu resembles itself, there will be universal scorn in the blogoshpere for the car of the company, (imeni) Cliffrider, and with the jokes on the "impetuous tatas". Tata - nazvaniye (imya) eponymous of the founder of the company, Sir of the dzhamsheddzhi of the tata, and the engines of the tata - the group conveys larger than India. I think that Cliffrider sample firm is missed, but it there has not justification what stops the mark of Cliffrider factory, which must be one of the worst of sometimes for the car, with the chancellor of the proton. The cars, because it is assumed, will not go in the rocks, including the cars drying of ponyatiya (kontseptsii). Although India - secondly ekonomika (ekonomiya) quickly each time larger in the world after China, when this one is able to print designation, companies of the aspect in India still in the young designation of the stage



the designation of the article: Ferrari named in the name of the curves gtb recently introduced Ferrari of new Fiorano 599 of the track into the demonstration conveys of Geneva, the not very probable fast car envisaged closed) of the lesa(dvukhmestnaya of the cut (berlinetta) named in the sled (kurs) known of the test of the company. Those "599" present the engine of 5.99- liters of the car, and supports "GTB" for the limit of the terismoa of the berlinettaa. No company of the car of the sport in the ground probably has the memories which cause more nazvaniya (imena) for their cars, him more frequently possible vzyatykh (predprinyatykh) of somebody of the nazvaniy (they imen) Ferrari of the members of the family (Dino, Entso) or continued positions (superb-the America, Mondail, Daytona). My nazvaniye (imya) of the favourite of Ferrari, obviously, it is this Testarossa, which indicates, "red" head simply that after the red chief of the cylinder in his apartment of 12 engines. Cavallino food Crawling (the small black horse in his posterior feet, of which it composes the emblem of Ferrari), I continue to ensure the beautiful names for his beautiful machines. Courageous, Ferrari. For a more great deal of examinations of the car and introductions of the car, read Tapskotta behind the wheel. To read you on the fact that other enthusiastic of Ferrari speaks, must check Ferrari Blog. Now, if you - the really obsessed ventilator of Ferrari, I found that the lazzaro Fshch0a d' Anthony of the blog interested designation



New, automobile lotto with the name of the lotto of condition A recemmentrecentement introduced Exige new S, transformation of the head, the monster of the size by the point, that some trebovaniye (zayavleniye) owners can outdistance Ferrari. It requires it indicates "to require" in French (it is the possible selection of the nechetnyy (strannyy) for the English company of the car), and this one can be there the "true" car faster of the production of the world. I think that the more made name than the direction, when each one assumes that it requires it follows similar Lotasom of reverberation of what is eliz (it is left he was decade ago), it names, accepted grand-daughter of the preceding president of the art' oli of the Romain of the company. The range Requires Elise copy in the aspect in a manner and the movement of the platform, but brings more than the table - it Requires - as regards enthusiastic car the muscle. Master two names the car together, of Elects and Requires, which it allows that the impression of the slozhnosti (iskushennosti) prints, not nonlast being given its similar lengths of the aspect and a word. Meeting is to interest that they have no projects currently what stops the market grows more bonito this car with the Americans, which probably appears by thing, like almost which - the nibud ' connected with French has difficult time with many American purchasers during currently


Designation of the article:

Designation of the article: Who has one-way knowledge or another of the khile of Austin? GB one amuses car CO, partner of production of owner will rovera of magnesium, automobile Nan' tszin, declared recemmentrecentement this, envisaged to introduce the reincarnation of the legendary khile of Austin after its absence by more than 35 years. Or, probably none... It occurs that known Healey is really governed Healey of family, and never they allowed the car CO of the sports of GB of the right-hand side the nazvaniye (imya). Instead of this, Healeys sold its store of the Anglo-Americana company, car of HFI roughly for 2 million I This company, with blessings and the participation of beautiful - Healey girl of the founder of the khiley Margo of Donald and her daughters of the sesilii and Keyt, projects to introduce the new car into the demonstration of the engine of London with sicker of 3000 tables with the surname. And the car will be built by Britannique in Uorikshire, Great Britain. Morals of the history that, when this arrives in the traditional firm sample, to initially ask before the attempt to distribute in this designation

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It is very important

It is very important: 1. assume itself by such, such as you exists. 2. assume itself by such, such as you want to be. 3. find positive changes every time that you can make this. 4. you will fall in love with your means, your image: its body, manner to look, to move, to dress, to walk, to dance, to speak, to laugh, to cry. 5. respect your body, your life and your selection in this life. 6. you be "positive" they are selfish ": you love itself not more, but also not less than other people, realizing in this case, that you - man "only in its kind", another similar no on the earth. 7. respect your time: time - this is life. 8. permit itself to be such, such as exists. You bear responsibility for that in order to make yourselves happy. 9. you learn to make decisions and to personify them into the life. 10. Do not await, which someone will return to you your self-esteem. Only you themselves can this manage!

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