Wednesday, February 07, 2007


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According to the Huffington station, the Yahoo plans of the nachinat' (zapuskat ') of the miniuchastkov (minisaytov) 100 of the firm sample with its "program" of the universe of the stamp during this year - "the great impact of the declaration" envisaged in order "to connect the points between the contents and the users" this project distant was not extinct during a certain time and you cannot buy his manner in the program, which runs the overseer universe of the wine stamp of broaday it indicates while that one "Yahoo that completely projects to divide the movement, of the behavior given with these shown of kompaniyami/markami." This initiative makes Yahoo possible to propose to the users more and with the skontsentrirovannyy (intensivnyy) the experiment of the declaration without the vein: its uchastok (sayt) of Wii obtained with to 1.2 million impressions during November, now lost will teles-demuestra and with potter of established Harry, to test a similar consolidation of its profile of on line. Seek for the court nazvaniya (imena) and soft of the area with "the firm sample, directly thrown v" think, for example. I agree with Mayklom Arringtonom in TechCrunch, which it focuses the attention, which, while Yahoo affirms that it was happy on the transformation in the money of these new uchastkov (saytov) and currently it will work with the stamps directly. It bet, probably, that one this will change. How could this not? You print with representatives, especially critical for the efforts for the development of the nazvaniya (imeni), it will approach soon persistent in Yahoo, which is awaited to announce in the universe of the stamp. The battell Juan precisement indicates that this dvizheniye (shag) does consolidate Yahoo like the platform of the marketing of the selection and speaks, that which thinks that "the stamp are it new aqueous refrigerators" are appropriate it? The users like hang with dear firm samples of on line, and Yahoo can propose the third place between the social doors of the organization of the network and print that to contribute of the uchastki (sayty). This really led what is logical after the question: of What does show-T bookmark - this one a manner or another? Stamps or users?

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