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Basic malfunctions of women and the methods of their elimination. Instruction for the men

Neispravnost'/Sposob of elimination the problem: It rejects to walk on the stores, to prepare, to erase.... Fodder requires regularly. Prescription: Prover'te, but not man this? If nevertheless no, think, is necessary to you this companion of life? You will replace woman. Problem: Infinitely he speaks and speaks on the telephone. Prescription: You will report that from the prolonged conversations around the mouth the wrinkles appear. Krometogo, the emission of the telephone line of communications unfavorably influences the color of face. Problem: The scenes of jealousy constantly are arranged. Prescription: y)Popytaytes' to remove stress by the joke: "expensive, you will greatly laugh, but I for some reason love only you!" you 2)Pozvonite by it on the telephone, by languid female voice you will express your admiration by its husband and "on the secret" you will report that all women greatly envy to it. Problem: There is no expression on face and mobility of extremities. Prescription: Prover'te perhaps she will sleep. If no, unbutton the upper buttons of blouse and you will express admiration by its breast. This is capable of leading any woman into a feeling. Otherwise - you undressed mannequin. Problem: In the speech quarrelsome notes appeared. In other respects everything in the order. Prescription: You will present to it buketik it is color, weigh out on-duty compliment. At the worst, return more than money from the wage. It will not help - wash out the dishes (carry out fir tree). Problem: Everything is done, but in this case articulate speech is absent. Buzzings and sighs rarely reach. Prescription: We congratulate! To you was reached the woman of future - promising development! Guarantee obligations of the supplier: Correct operation, preventive maintenance at the health resorts, the non-admission of overloads, gifts and compliments... - and we are assured: your elect will serve long years! And it can be considerably longer you!


Code Busido

One of the consequences of the education of the class of soldiers was the formulation of the specific world view of Samurai - busido - the nepisanogo code of the behavior of Samurai in the society, who was the regulation and standards of "true", "ideal" soldier. Busido, which was being initially treated as the "way of horse and bow", subsequently began to indicate the "way of Samurai, soldier" ("busi" - soldier, Samurai; "to" - way, study, method, means). Furthermore, word "to" is transferred still and as "debt", "morals", which has a correspondence with the classical philosophical tradition of China, where the concept "way" is the certain ethical standard (dao-de). Thus, busido - these are "samurai morals", "virtue", "moral and ethical" code. Busido concerned the attitude of Samurai toward social feudal generality, to the people of one or other class or another, to the state. The content busido left beyond the framework of the previous traditions of the rodoplemennogo society - it included the dogmas of Buddhism and confucianism and had the new standards of behavior at its basis. Being gradually developed, busido became the moral code of soldiers, which is appeared of at the same time predominantly partly different religious studies (Buddhism, confucianism and sintoizma - national of the religion of the Japanese), it became also the region of philosophical knowledge, the object of ethics. Being poured together with the eastern philosophy, busido bore the nature of practical moralization. Samurai considered as the its method of improving the mental and solid hygiene. Busido morally interpreted philosophical peace study as a whole and it was called learn the Samurai of "correct life" in the feudal Japanese society. It combined in itself the theory of existence and the study of the psyche of man, solved the problems, connected with the concept of the essence of individual, his role in the surrounding peace, the sense of life, good and evil, moral values and moral ideal. Soldier, brought up in the spirit busido, had to clearly realize his moral debt, in particular his personal responsibilities with respect to the suzerain, had to itself evaluate its actions and behavior, morally condemn itself in the case of improper actions, disturbance of its responsibilities and debt. This moral samoosuzhdeniye entailed, as a rule, the suicide, which was being accomplished on the specific ritual via hara-kiri - the dissection of stomach by small samurai sword. Thus Samurai washed off by the blood the disgrace, pozoryashcheye him. Busido, as the method of regulating the behavior of soldier, rested directly not on what special establishments, which constrained to the observance of moral standards, it was based on the force of persuasion, public opinion, example, training, traditions and the force of the moral authority of the individual persons, noted in the medieval history of Japan. Principles busido not were united into the special regulation and not were presented not in one literary monument of feudal times; however, they found their reflection in legends and narratives of the past, which tell about the faithfulness of vassal to their feudal lord, about contempt to death, courage and the durability of Samurai. However, on the indication Of tokugava To ieyasu in the first years after its accession to power was comprised the "packing code about the samurai kinds" ("Buke se khatto"), that determined the standards of the behavior of Samurai on the service and in the personal life. The second composition, dedicated to the glorification of dogmas busido, was the zhitiynoye description of prince taked's exploits Singena in twenty volumes, whose authorship divided Kosaka Dandze Of nobumasa and Obata Of kagenori. Somewhat more lately appeared the labor Of daydodzi Of yudzana (1639 - 1730) the "initial bases of military skills" ("Budo sesin syu"). And finally, in 1716 left 11 volumes of the book "concealed in the foliage" ("Khagakure"), of become the "Scripture" busi. This curious work belonged to Yamamoto Tsunetomo, to monk, and in the past to the Samurai of clan saga on the southern island of Kyushu after death of its Mr., dayme Of nabesima Of naosige, which it correctly served ten years, Yamamoto accepted vows and he dedicated entire remained life to the generalization of the dogmas of samurai honor. Busido even it is not possible to name study in the literal sense, this, are faster, one of the forms of the expression of feudal ideology, its basic condition and principles, which were being developed from generation to generation in the course of long time. This is Busido the special morals, manufactured by the class of soldiers, who entered into the ruling class of Japan, which was the system of views, standards and estimations, which were being concerned the behavior of Samurai, the methods of training of samurai young people, creation and strengthening of the specific moral qualities and relations. In spite of all this busido was class morals. It served only samuraystvu, justified all its actions and defended its interests. Clearly and is sufficiently intelligible requirements Busido are formulated at the "initial bases of the military skills" Of daydodzi Of yudzana: "true bravery consists in living, when justifiably to live, and to die, when it is justifiable to die. To death one should go with the clear consciousness of the fact that is necessary to make to Samurai and which degrades its merit. It follows to weigh each word and to invariably assign to itself a question, truth that that you be going to say. It is necessary to be to those moderated in the food and to avoid disorderliness. In the matters of daily to remember about death and to store this word in the heart. To respect the rule of "stem and branches". To forget it - means never to not understand virtues, and person, who disregards dobrodetel'yu of filial respect, is not Samurai. Parents - trunk of tree, children - his branch. Samurai must be not only exemplary son, but also vernopoddannym. He will not leave Mr. even in such a case, when the number of his vassals is reduced with hundred to ten and from ten to one. In war the faithfulness of Samurai is manifested in without the fear going to the enemy arrows and the spears, sacrificing life, if that debt requires. Faithfulness, validity and courage be three natural virtues of Samurai. During the sleep Samurai one ought not to lie down by feet to the side of the residence of suzerain. To the side of Mr. it becomes to aim neither with shooting from bow nor with the exercises with the spear. If Samurai, lying at the bed, hears conversation about his Mr. or intends to say anything itself, it must arise and dress. Falcon does not select the deserted grains, even if it dies to hunger. So Samurai, handling by toothpick, must show that it is satisfied, even if it nothing ate. If in war to Samurai it happens to lose battle and it will have to accumulate head, it one should proudly name its name and die with the smile without the humiliating haste. Being is mortally injured, so that no means no longer can save it, Samurai must respectfully be handled the words of farewell to the elders on the position and quietly emit spirit, being subordinated to inevitable. That possessing only rough force is not worthy the title of Samurai. Without indicating already the need of studying the sciences, soldier must use leisure for the exercises in the poetry and understandings of tea ceremony. Near his house the Samurai can build the modest tea pavilion, in which he is necessary to use new pictures -kak3mono, contemporary modest cups and varnished ceramic teapot ".

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The glasses through which woman look at the man of their dream.

Give honestly we acknowledge, the dear girls: in our opinion about the dear man there is not drop of objectivity! That, whom selected our heart, seems by the embodiment of all possible virtues and perfections. At least, until we are falld in love. But when love is passed, our view becomes clear, and we suddenly reveal in our elect such features, about which and they did not suspect thus far. Pink glasses of naive enthusiasm "he is genius! In it everything will come out!" Certainly, others can think that the sequential design of the perpetual motion machine, which it does send on the instances, this is simple the first sign of the blooming schizophrenia, but that they can understand in its sensitive, ranimoy soul? Well yes, to it already 38, but it does not leave the dream to become artist and into the free from the beer and the football the time sketches brilliant fabrics, which already oppressed pantry. Sometimes, they will cost millions of dollars, and thus far... Thus far it lives due to the women, who are subjugated by its romantic beard. In the evenings, sitting on the bench in the square (because to the restaurants he money does not have), it sketches the pictures of excellent future before you, when it is estimated, it will become famous and it will prove to all that it was rights. And you choke from the enthusiasm, running in it on pobegushkakh and predanno looking to him into the mouth. Finally, it makes you with its elect. Approximately one week you feel yourself by queen and be proud of your fate. But then pink glasses fall... When glasses fall, you reveal that she were connected with the nonentity, on forehead of which by large letters it is written: "chronic unlucky wretch" - and they do become strange, as you did not earlier note this inscription? Black glasses of gloomy hopelessness "4 to it it is not necessary", this sentence you will carry even before for the first time you will fall to him on eyes. Friendly council "not to fall earlier than the shot" does not fly so far to your take in. "here you see, to it to me there is no matter whatever", obrechenno you tell friend, without turning attention to her valid observation, that the object of your interest simply did not note you after magnificent asparagus, where you from it hid. And you, like, know that you - normal, attractive woman, man do not go around you by your attention... Other men - but not he. Well why to him very not to approach you, not to invite in the cafe, to the exhibition of?!... But no, you cannot interest it, he does not be worth even trying! You fear it to approach and to address, because... simply because you to it is interested. When you see it - in you language sticks to the larynx and in the head appears space void. Why to you not to remove black glasses? Then you see, that this not demigod as you it seemed but usual person, one of many. And it just as all, fears first to approach and to address, and as all, fears to be rejected. Green glasses of groundless jealousy certainly, if you consider that on it joined by wedge the white light, then you in each woman see the malicious rival, who only that awaits in order to take away it from you. You is ready to fight for it, not shchadya of life, you climb there from the skin, attracting his attention to yourself and driving off from it all other women. You a priori consider that if in you goes the head around with one view alone into his eyes, then entire other women are simply obligated to feel the same. But it - it, of course, cannot but know this and, of course, it unscrupulously uses its irresistable charm! "o, he - dangerous man, it the present Don Juan, I know that it will ruin me, but I is ready to carry out everything from it, anything", confess you before the sympathetically nodding girl friends, being doused by krokodil'imi tears and feeling in the depth of soul the nezemnuyu selfless love (in reality, this vanity in half mazokhizmom). When your blurred view finally explains, you will understand that red price to your treasure - ten for the penny. Dark-blue glasses of intentional blindness you want to see in it no deficiencies. Friend does consider that he you does use? - yes it simply envies. Mom is assured that he is marriage swindler? - certainly, it does everything in order to destroy your personal life. Even if you are rested by nose into its photograph on the stand "them it searches for the police" - this will be only occasion gay to laugh above the strange agreement of name and appearance. From your attention somehow slips off the fact that it not on one work stays more than two months, and that in its room the steadfast smell of marijuana is held. Biologists would explain simply this phenomenon: the instinct of multiplication overcame the instinct of self-preservation. But you is not fool, you simply do not want to remove glasses, which do not make possible for you to see his deficiencies from the nose. You think that he - hero, freedom-loving soul in the searches for refuge... When you finally regain vision, you will see, what he - the simply walking money box of troubles. Yellow glasses of superfluous optimism "we are created for each other", you decide, after seeing, as it by beautiful impact sends ball into the basketball basket. Who it such as it to call how he deals and is how his marital status - all this of trifle, the not confronting attention. In order to understand that it - that man himself, with whom you want to conduct entire your life, to you was sufficient one second. "you that, do not believe in the love at first glance?" Soul said: "this is it!" - and itself it can hush. And if he thinks that you from some parameters do not approach each other (for example, it considers that in the normal family must be not less than five children, but you entered the organization "for the voluntary sterilization of the population of the Earth into the name of the solution of food crisis") - it means, it simply makes mistakes. You is assured that he - by god your sent second half and not by washing, so you draw him by rolling in relations. But when glasses will fall from your fervid bill, you suddenly reveal that next to you person, who has with you nothing in common. Glasses with the magnifying glass elementary pride forces you to believe that the object of your interest cannot remain it is indifferent to your merits and without fail it will answer your feelings. You fall into the trap of his own vanity, imagining between you secret novel, inclination shower and the conversation of two hearts, which in reality is not in the mention. For example, its usual politeness interprets as the sign of special attention to your persona. Opened before you door - it to you was interested; moved aside chair - this acknowledgement in the love; podal of coat - formal proposal of hand and heart. But if it to its misfortune proved to be by the well brought up person, then to it end, because already nothing will be able to dissuade you in the fact that it is falld in love with you to folly, but this it shy hides. Then it with the enormous consternation will reveal that, it occurs, broke your heart, making to you the "eloquent hints", about which itself a concept does not have. This leads to what: when glasses will fall from your eyes, you will have time to become laughing-stock for entire healthy association of your office, for it very and... for your happy rival.


Female fitnes: myths and the error

At present there are this many training programs and diets, which is complicated to understand, which of them will give the visible results to you, and what will leave to regret about the time, carry ouied in the gymnasium. And to estimate, on that the more useful it was possible to spend this time - and money. Furthermore, there are numerous people, capable of advising as to dostich' your purposes. The themes of fitnesa, diets, correct and sport nourishment are today very popular. And, as so often is the case, almost each second of those, to whom they are not alien, counts itself to kieselguhr in this region. And, correspondingly, it hurries to share with its knowledge with those surrounding. However, no one better you he knows, as functions your organism, which is better for it, but which is worse. So that to you is better to be up to date in the basic myths, which exist in the world of fitnesa and bodibildinga. Indeed the discussion deals precisely with your tele-. Ascertain that on the way to success you do not accomplish errors. Otherwise you risk to see, as your achievements they cease grow. Or even to suffer injury. Myth №y: The program, according to which is occupied your friend, will give to you the same results. This is very the extended error among the people, which be fascinated by the structure of body. We frequently ask our familiar on the hall, such as program of exercises they follow and they adhere to what diet, thinking that if we are make the same, let us see the same results. There is nothing more erroneous. Certainly, the program of female fitnesa can be greatly grow prettier. It is possible even that the trainer, who has long ago and successfully worked with the stars, specially developed it. Possibly even, it was developed for your age category. You even can dostich' with its aid of not bad results. But do not forget, what your body - is unique. And therefore can answer this program completely not in the manner that the body of your friend. It is better, that you can make, this connect the elements of this "godly training" with your program. Beat the technology of performance. Listen to itself: look, as your organism it reacts to one or other exercise or another. In other words, explain that it is best precisely for you. Possibly, you simply should decrease a quantity of alliterations or replace one exercise by another. You will be achieved the best results with the program, developed taking into account the specific features of your organism. Myth №2: To you not necessarily to study in the hall of muscle of legs, if you run in the mornings. When you pass on the hall it seems that all is all around absorbed by work with the light weight. Girls uvlechenno make to spin and arms, study muscles of hands and upper part of the body, while the trainer for the press by feet stands free. Those very frequently accomplish this error, who before the visit of training hall deal with morning running through, roll themselves on the bicycle or begins march into the sports club from kardiozala. It seems them that this it is sufficient. In reality the power load on the feet will make it possible to correctly work the upper part of the body. Muscles on the feet sufficiently wide and with the load separate a large quantity of testosterone - the primary anabolic hormone, critical for the construction of new cells. Thus, to you it will more simply work muscles of hands, back and upper press, even without increasing time of training. Actually, they will be strengthened even during those days, when you do not work at them in the hall. On the whole, training muscles of the lower part of the body - best basis for the remaining part of your occupation. If you disregard power exercises to the feet, then as if you construct house without the foundation. Which, at least, is not very effective. Therefore udostover'sya, that the power exercises to the feet are the part of your program. Myth №e: The best method to burn fat is hour kardiotrenirovka of average intensity. Many believe in the fact that 60 min the occupations of average intensity - best method in order to get rid of the excess weight. In reality, with the average level of load is burnt more calories due to the fat, than with the occupation of high intensity (for example, rapid run or taybo). However, the balance between the obtained calories and the spent energy is more important factor with the reduction of weight due to the adipose tissue. Furthermore, has value and that which occurs with your body after training ended. When occupation is built according to the principle of interval load, you burn more calories in the minute, than with training of average intensity. Certainly, you, most likely, you will be held so not for long, but a quantity of spent calories in both cases will be approximately identical. However, the advantage of interval training consists in the fact that it forces your body to burn sufficiently many calories already after occupation it ended. You already threw out krossovki and, sufficiently smiling, you leave for the souls in order then with a feeling of the executed debt comfortably to be arranged, let us say, on the sofa of cinema, and your body are still somewhat hour it works for you! Due to this quantity of calories, burnt in the day, it becomes considerably large. Which in the transfer into the language of your body indicates the loss of fat large in comparison with the days of usual trainings. High intensity interval training is good even and fact that it helps to preserve muscular tissue, while the prolonged trainings of average intensity it inevitably burn. However, does not be worth misusing by such occupations and carrying out high intensity cardio each day. Alternate trainings of high and average intensity or break them on the time during the week. If you want several times to occupy oneself a little itself not then intensively, your occupations must last at least 20 minutes so that the body could turn to the combustion of fatty mass. The fact is that the first 20 minutes or near that you, most likely, you will altogether only burn the carbohydrates, consumed for the latter is somewhat it is hour. Concerning intensive trainings, you can note benefit - both with respect to the combustion of fat and with respect to a general improvement in the health - even from the short (6-10 minute) trainings.

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the "second marriage - this is the victory of hope above the life experience" - says old anecdote. But in each joke, as is known, only the portion of joke. Because you already one time signed statement about the divorce and under oath promised to yourselves: "yes in order to 4?!! Yes never and on no account!". But they nevertheless decided to begin on the same rakes again, and they very recently played their sequential wedding. And here - good to grant in "not the first" marriage! Marriage, independent of ordinal number, it remains marriage. But it means, for you it is necessary to encounter the problems of all newly-weds: joint way of life and managing economy, family budget, relation with the relatives, views on training of children and other. But in addition to this, in the second and subsequent marriages appear many other problems. Such as: • the negative experience, which has already been discussed in the beginning of article. Sometimes this experience is such negative that simply there are no forces. Certainly, much forgot in the course of time, but already accurately not all. And you examine your new elect under the microscope with a triple increase. But suddenly it povedet itself how been? By the way, this experience interfere withs not only women, but also men. To the second marriage we already accurately know, what we want, and what is not. For example, we do not want so that they would criticize us, would forbid to associate with the friends or to work. But in this case we frequently confuse our present desires with the fear to begin on the same rakes. Old habits. have you experience negative, but was nevertheless certain positive. For example, you always completely managed family budget, and your former mother-in-law was simple angel in the flesh, who lives in other region. And you sincerely be surprised, that the budget in you now is general, and mother-in-law lives by floor above, and he possesses far from angelic nature. But the treacherous thought climbs into the head: "can, past time it was better?". This thought of the head is better to reject, and it is necessary to be subdued to the new problems and the rules of game. If it is already entirely heavy, then try to paint pluses and minuses of your new marriage on the leaf. It is plus more? Here it is excellent. • "not first - not latter". It is marry necessary to leave one time, also, for life - they suggested to us. But now that we accurately know that this not thus. And if the first divorce was the heaviest period in the life, then the second is received considerably more easily. But third time it is possible already and small holiday to arrange. We more easily relate to the marriage and we do not no longer so fear partings. Well, I will breed again, what fear- that? But to fear is necessary that we can lose our person, possibly, only, intended precisely to us. • everything will be ideal. You honestly acknowledge to yourselves: the first pancake left by lump. But in someone even first two or three. But already you will not miscalculate this time. You reexamined our own behavior and realized your errors and blunders. They grew up and they became wiser. You for long looked at the new elect and were checked their feelings. And now you are assured - everything will be ideal. But here is the misfortune: the first quarrels and scandals, offence and the absence of mutual understanding, difference and conflicts. On the whole, all that that you already once "passed" and which, after all, led to the divorce. Now you already doubt: and suddenly again not that? Your illusions collapsed, and together with them collapses family life. It does not collapse in reality, but only it begins. And, it is completely natural that you will encounter some problems and differences. But only now with your experience and mind you will be able to resolve all conflicts with the smallest losses for both sides. And you will preserve your family happiness. - the greatest problems reaches to us that remained after the previous marriages. To someone were reached three-room apartment in the center of Moscow and decent calculation in the bank, while to someone heap it was debt and steadfast hatred for the opposite floor. This already as will transport. But there is that which remains almost in all those separated: "been" The nevertheless former beloved and former husband - is somewhat different categories. And if the first disappear from our life once and for all, then the second can remain in it sufficiently for long. And to appear in it at the most unexpected and inappropriate moments. Relations with the friends and the relatives Relatives also can be understood: they sufficiently for long got accustomed to your previous elect, they came to your wedding, they made friends with it and they considered as the its member of their family. And even they related to it better than to you - this the very disseminated situation. But now you want so that about it they would forget everything and in exactly the same manner was accepted new person. You do not hurry to spoil relation with your relatives or to pour on by mud of your of that been. They so love once of it - let they associate, this them right. Only, what you must make, fence from their criticism and comparisons your new man. If something in its behavior does not arrange your relatives, they can say this to you face to face, but in no way not in its presence. Children Children from the previous marriage - these are the very complex and serious theme, is worthy of various article. To be dismantled at all problems and finesses in one paragraph is simply unreal. It is important only to remember: there are the former husbands and the former wives, but it does not occur the "former children" and parents. And if in you now new husband, this yet does not mean that in child - new father. But for the children of your man it is not necessary to search for new dad, because their father met another woman. Understanding this simple rule helps to avoid very many problems.



For sure, you focused attention on this paradox: some your familiar or friends can eat everything, anything how much it will be wanted. In this case they remain ordered and attractive. But others, muchimye by diets, by enemas, by tablets and daily by gymnastics, nevertheless "crawl" as on yeast(s), it is worthwhile for them to only weaken self-control. to ochemu so it does occur? The most extended answer to this question sounds as follows: however, "that you want, this in you constitution"!.. You will agree, resembles "sentence", moreover without the period of end and possibility of appeal. But give look to this problem otherwise. Constitution - this our uniqueness - given to us from the generation, not only face and figure, but also the special feature of exchange of substances... For us, as speaks television set, not all yogurty are equally useful. And if by our culinary predilections we are not coincide with the fact that to us it approaches and it is properly useful, problems with the exchange not to avoid. Hence follows the simple conclusion: excess weight - this altogether only one of the consequences of incorrect nourishment! But what nourishment is correct? In order to answer a question this, specialist- dietologists developed the program the "astro-code", which considers not only the physiological, but also cosmological special features of man. After preliminary conversation with the specialist and anthropometric inspections (increase, weight, the circle of waist, thighs so forth.) in map also will be brought in the data about time and date of generation. After which is compiled "personal program", and you obtain on hand list of 500 products, grouped into three blocks: Not recommended Neutral Recommended Additionally is compiled the individual plan of nourishment, which includes the interpretation of all it is specific exchange in the organism. The astro-code has only one "but" - if in the family love the products, which to you will be not rekomendovany, then in a number of cases to prepare food for itself it is necessary separately. But much is here plus! In order to remove excess kilograms, it is necessary to swallow no "chemistry", to harass itself by starvation and diets (limitations on to products in the astro-code - very shchadyashchiye). Feeding correctly, man not only grows thin, but also looks younger. Because of an improvement in digestion and normalization of exchange of substances, the skin becomes clean and fresh, and hair and nails - healthy and strong. The astro-code will be very to the point to the women, who want to return to themselves previous order is afterward ancestral, and also to the feeding mothers, by which the limitations in the food are simply contrasted. Attention! Action of the "astro-code" not instantly! Weight begins to be reduced, as a rule, to the end of the third- fourth week of the correct nourishment. However, the kilograms, which you will lose, to you it is already never returned.

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Breast is more

One additional tele-show "about the business" is called "candidate". Well this, you do remember, "rich Chuvak does search for to itself top manager with wage 3 million V"? Two commands fight with each other, every week carrying out tasks, type "who more expensively sells newspapers", "who will more steeply conduct promo- action" etcetera. From the lost command they once a week dismiss man (as a rule, the current manager). So here, one command - female, the second - is man. Program it is possible and not to look after this large door post. In 90% of cases of ram simply they are appointed well dressed obscene and they go to carry out tasks. For example, to sell to the peasants of newspaper for 100 rubles for the piece, dearly smiling. Unfortunately, with the peasants it is still worse: they behave in exactly the same manner. It is interesting, whom it must select rich Chuvak during this distribution. In my opinion obviously - In the peasant was three women, and it in no way could solve, on whom it will be it is married. And it solved as follows: it gave five thousand dollars to each and decided to look, which will be further. The first purchased to all money to itself the details: - I must be beautiful, it solved. The second purchased to all money to it the details: - you must be beautiful, it solved. But the third all money put in the business and in the month returned to peasant ten thousand peasant he thought, he thought and were married that, whose breast is more. PS. When wrote and saw to the end a sequential series it learned, that in the following series they divide "sexual" commands into those mixed. What once more proves -...



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