Saturday, October 21, 2006



For sure, you focused attention on this paradox: some your familiar or friends can eat everything, anything how much it will be wanted. In this case they remain ordered and attractive. But others, muchimye by diets, by enemas, by tablets and daily by gymnastics, nevertheless "crawl" as on yeast(s), it is worthwhile for them to only weaken self-control. to ochemu so it does occur? The most extended answer to this question sounds as follows: however, "that you want, this in you constitution"!.. You will agree, resembles "sentence", moreover without the period of end and possibility of appeal. But give look to this problem otherwise. Constitution - this our uniqueness - given to us from the generation, not only face and figure, but also the special feature of exchange of substances... For us, as speaks television set, not all yogurty are equally useful. And if by our culinary predilections we are not coincide with the fact that to us it approaches and it is properly useful, problems with the exchange not to avoid. Hence follows the simple conclusion: excess weight - this altogether only one of the consequences of incorrect nourishment! But what nourishment is correct? In order to answer a question this, specialist- dietologists developed the program the "astro-code", which considers not only the physiological, but also cosmological special features of man. After preliminary conversation with the specialist and anthropometric inspections (increase, weight, the circle of waist, thighs so forth.) in map also will be brought in the data about time and date of generation. After which is compiled "personal program", and you obtain on hand list of 500 products, grouped into three blocks: Not recommended Neutral Recommended Additionally is compiled the individual plan of nourishment, which includes the interpretation of all it is specific exchange in the organism. The astro-code has only one "but" - if in the family love the products, which to you will be not rekomendovany, then in a number of cases to prepare food for itself it is necessary separately. But much is here plus! In order to remove excess kilograms, it is necessary to swallow no "chemistry", to harass itself by starvation and diets (limitations on to products in the astro-code - very shchadyashchiye). Feeding correctly, man not only grows thin, but also looks younger. Because of an improvement in digestion and normalization of exchange of substances, the skin becomes clean and fresh, and hair and nails - healthy and strong. The astro-code will be very to the point to the women, who want to return to themselves previous order is afterward ancestral, and also to the feeding mothers, by which the limitations in the food are simply contrasted. Attention! Action of the "astro-code" not instantly! Weight begins to be reduced, as a rule, to the end of the third- fourth week of the correct nourishment. However, the kilograms, which you will lose, to you it is already never returned.

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