Sunday, October 22, 2006


Female fitnes: myths and the error

At present there are this many training programs and diets, which is complicated to understand, which of them will give the visible results to you, and what will leave to regret about the time, carry ouied in the gymnasium. And to estimate, on that the more useful it was possible to spend this time - and money. Furthermore, there are numerous people, capable of advising as to dostich' your purposes. The themes of fitnesa, diets, correct and sport nourishment are today very popular. And, as so often is the case, almost each second of those, to whom they are not alien, counts itself to kieselguhr in this region. And, correspondingly, it hurries to share with its knowledge with those surrounding. However, no one better you he knows, as functions your organism, which is better for it, but which is worse. So that to you is better to be up to date in the basic myths, which exist in the world of fitnesa and bodibildinga. Indeed the discussion deals precisely with your tele-. Ascertain that on the way to success you do not accomplish errors. Otherwise you risk to see, as your achievements they cease grow. Or even to suffer injury. Myth №y: The program, according to which is occupied your friend, will give to you the same results. This is very the extended error among the people, which be fascinated by the structure of body. We frequently ask our familiar on the hall, such as program of exercises they follow and they adhere to what diet, thinking that if we are make the same, let us see the same results. There is nothing more erroneous. Certainly, the program of female fitnesa can be greatly grow prettier. It is possible even that the trainer, who has long ago and successfully worked with the stars, specially developed it. Possibly even, it was developed for your age category. You even can dostich' with its aid of not bad results. But do not forget, what your body - is unique. And therefore can answer this program completely not in the manner that the body of your friend. It is better, that you can make, this connect the elements of this "godly training" with your program. Beat the technology of performance. Listen to itself: look, as your organism it reacts to one or other exercise or another. In other words, explain that it is best precisely for you. Possibly, you simply should decrease a quantity of alliterations or replace one exercise by another. You will be achieved the best results with the program, developed taking into account the specific features of your organism. Myth №2: To you not necessarily to study in the hall of muscle of legs, if you run in the mornings. When you pass on the hall it seems that all is all around absorbed by work with the light weight. Girls uvlechenno make to spin and arms, study muscles of hands and upper part of the body, while the trainer for the press by feet stands free. Those very frequently accomplish this error, who before the visit of training hall deal with morning running through, roll themselves on the bicycle or begins march into the sports club from kardiozala. It seems them that this it is sufficient. In reality the power load on the feet will make it possible to correctly work the upper part of the body. Muscles on the feet sufficiently wide and with the load separate a large quantity of testosterone - the primary anabolic hormone, critical for the construction of new cells. Thus, to you it will more simply work muscles of hands, back and upper press, even without increasing time of training. Actually, they will be strengthened even during those days, when you do not work at them in the hall. On the whole, training muscles of the lower part of the body - best basis for the remaining part of your occupation. If you disregard power exercises to the feet, then as if you construct house without the foundation. Which, at least, is not very effective. Therefore udostover'sya, that the power exercises to the feet are the part of your program. Myth №e: The best method to burn fat is hour kardiotrenirovka of average intensity. Many believe in the fact that 60 min the occupations of average intensity - best method in order to get rid of the excess weight. In reality, with the average level of load is burnt more calories due to the fat, than with the occupation of high intensity (for example, rapid run or taybo). However, the balance between the obtained calories and the spent energy is more important factor with the reduction of weight due to the adipose tissue. Furthermore, has value and that which occurs with your body after training ended. When occupation is built according to the principle of interval load, you burn more calories in the minute, than with training of average intensity. Certainly, you, most likely, you will be held so not for long, but a quantity of spent calories in both cases will be approximately identical. However, the advantage of interval training consists in the fact that it forces your body to burn sufficiently many calories already after occupation it ended. You already threw out krossovki and, sufficiently smiling, you leave for the souls in order then with a feeling of the executed debt comfortably to be arranged, let us say, on the sofa of cinema, and your body are still somewhat hour it works for you! Due to this quantity of calories, burnt in the day, it becomes considerably large. Which in the transfer into the language of your body indicates the loss of fat large in comparison with the days of usual trainings. High intensity interval training is good even and fact that it helps to preserve muscular tissue, while the prolonged trainings of average intensity it inevitably burn. However, does not be worth misusing by such occupations and carrying out high intensity cardio each day. Alternate trainings of high and average intensity or break them on the time during the week. If you want several times to occupy oneself a little itself not then intensively, your occupations must last at least 20 minutes so that the body could turn to the combustion of fatty mass. The fact is that the first 20 minutes or near that you, most likely, you will altogether only burn the carbohydrates, consumed for the latter is somewhat it is hour. Concerning intensive trainings, you can note benefit - both with respect to the combustion of fat and with respect to a general improvement in the health - even from the short (6-10 minute) trainings.

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