Friday, October 20, 2006


Breast is more

One additional tele-show "about the business" is called "candidate". Well this, you do remember, "rich Chuvak does search for to itself top manager with wage 3 million V"? Two commands fight with each other, every week carrying out tasks, type "who more expensively sells newspapers", "who will more steeply conduct promo- action" etcetera. From the lost command they once a week dismiss man (as a rule, the current manager). So here, one command - female, the second - is man. Program it is possible and not to look after this large door post. In 90% of cases of ram simply they are appointed well dressed obscene and they go to carry out tasks. For example, to sell to the peasants of newspaper for 100 rubles for the piece, dearly smiling. Unfortunately, with the peasants it is still worse: they behave in exactly the same manner. It is interesting, whom it must select rich Chuvak during this distribution. In my opinion obviously - In the peasant was three women, and it in no way could solve, on whom it will be it is married. And it solved as follows: it gave five thousand dollars to each and decided to look, which will be further. The first purchased to all money to itself the details: - I must be beautiful, it solved. The second purchased to all money to it the details: - you must be beautiful, it solved. But the third all money put in the business and in the month returned to peasant ten thousand peasant he thought, he thought and were married that, whose breast is more. PS. When wrote and saw to the end a sequential series it learned, that in the following series they divide "sexual" commands into those mixed. What once more proves -...

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