Sunday, October 22, 2006


The glasses through which woman look at the man of their dream.

Give honestly we acknowledge, the dear girls: in our opinion about the dear man there is not drop of objectivity! That, whom selected our heart, seems by the embodiment of all possible virtues and perfections. At least, until we are falld in love. But when love is passed, our view becomes clear, and we suddenly reveal in our elect such features, about which and they did not suspect thus far. Pink glasses of naive enthusiasm "he is genius! In it everything will come out!" Certainly, others can think that the sequential design of the perpetual motion machine, which it does send on the instances, this is simple the first sign of the blooming schizophrenia, but that they can understand in its sensitive, ranimoy soul? Well yes, to it already 38, but it does not leave the dream to become artist and into the free from the beer and the football the time sketches brilliant fabrics, which already oppressed pantry. Sometimes, they will cost millions of dollars, and thus far... Thus far it lives due to the women, who are subjugated by its romantic beard. In the evenings, sitting on the bench in the square (because to the restaurants he money does not have), it sketches the pictures of excellent future before you, when it is estimated, it will become famous and it will prove to all that it was rights. And you choke from the enthusiasm, running in it on pobegushkakh and predanno looking to him into the mouth. Finally, it makes you with its elect. Approximately one week you feel yourself by queen and be proud of your fate. But then pink glasses fall... When glasses fall, you reveal that she were connected with the nonentity, on forehead of which by large letters it is written: "chronic unlucky wretch" - and they do become strange, as you did not earlier note this inscription? Black glasses of gloomy hopelessness "4 to it it is not necessary", this sentence you will carry even before for the first time you will fall to him on eyes. Friendly council "not to fall earlier than the shot" does not fly so far to your take in. "here you see, to it to me there is no matter whatever", obrechenno you tell friend, without turning attention to her valid observation, that the object of your interest simply did not note you after magnificent asparagus, where you from it hid. And you, like, know that you - normal, attractive woman, man do not go around you by your attention... Other men - but not he. Well why to him very not to approach you, not to invite in the cafe, to the exhibition of?!... But no, you cannot interest it, he does not be worth even trying! You fear it to approach and to address, because... simply because you to it is interested. When you see it - in you language sticks to the larynx and in the head appears space void. Why to you not to remove black glasses? Then you see, that this not demigod as you it seemed but usual person, one of many. And it just as all, fears first to approach and to address, and as all, fears to be rejected. Green glasses of groundless jealousy certainly, if you consider that on it joined by wedge the white light, then you in each woman see the malicious rival, who only that awaits in order to take away it from you. You is ready to fight for it, not shchadya of life, you climb there from the skin, attracting his attention to yourself and driving off from it all other women. You a priori consider that if in you goes the head around with one view alone into his eyes, then entire other women are simply obligated to feel the same. But it - it, of course, cannot but know this and, of course, it unscrupulously uses its irresistable charm! "o, he - dangerous man, it the present Don Juan, I know that it will ruin me, but I is ready to carry out everything from it, anything", confess you before the sympathetically nodding girl friends, being doused by krokodil'imi tears and feeling in the depth of soul the nezemnuyu selfless love (in reality, this vanity in half mazokhizmom). When your blurred view finally explains, you will understand that red price to your treasure - ten for the penny. Dark-blue glasses of intentional blindness you want to see in it no deficiencies. Friend does consider that he you does use? - yes it simply envies. Mom is assured that he is marriage swindler? - certainly, it does everything in order to destroy your personal life. Even if you are rested by nose into its photograph on the stand "them it searches for the police" - this will be only occasion gay to laugh above the strange agreement of name and appearance. From your attention somehow slips off the fact that it not on one work stays more than two months, and that in its room the steadfast smell of marijuana is held. Biologists would explain simply this phenomenon: the instinct of multiplication overcame the instinct of self-preservation. But you is not fool, you simply do not want to remove glasses, which do not make possible for you to see his deficiencies from the nose. You think that he - hero, freedom-loving soul in the searches for refuge... When you finally regain vision, you will see, what he - the simply walking money box of troubles. Yellow glasses of superfluous optimism "we are created for each other", you decide, after seeing, as it by beautiful impact sends ball into the basketball basket. Who it such as it to call how he deals and is how his marital status - all this of trifle, the not confronting attention. In order to understand that it - that man himself, with whom you want to conduct entire your life, to you was sufficient one second. "you that, do not believe in the love at first glance?" Soul said: "this is it!" - and itself it can hush. And if he thinks that you from some parameters do not approach each other (for example, it considers that in the normal family must be not less than five children, but you entered the organization "for the voluntary sterilization of the population of the Earth into the name of the solution of food crisis") - it means, it simply makes mistakes. You is assured that he - by god your sent second half and not by washing, so you draw him by rolling in relations. But when glasses will fall from your fervid bill, you suddenly reveal that next to you person, who has with you nothing in common. Glasses with the magnifying glass elementary pride forces you to believe that the object of your interest cannot remain it is indifferent to your merits and without fail it will answer your feelings. You fall into the trap of his own vanity, imagining between you secret novel, inclination shower and the conversation of two hearts, which in reality is not in the mention. For example, its usual politeness interprets as the sign of special attention to your persona. Opened before you door - it to you was interested; moved aside chair - this acknowledgement in the love; podal of coat - formal proposal of hand and heart. But if it to its misfortune proved to be by the well brought up person, then to it end, because already nothing will be able to dissuade you in the fact that it is falld in love with you to folly, but this it shy hides. Then it with the enormous consternation will reveal that, it occurs, broke your heart, making to you the "eloquent hints", about which itself a concept does not have. This leads to what: when glasses will fall from your eyes, you will have time to become laughing-stock for entire healthy association of your office, for it very and... for your happy rival.

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