Wednesday, February 07, 2007


American office

know you that the American office of the trade mark deviated the nazvaniye (imya) of the article on the known foam of Lotsa? Or does that the known firm samples of the type of Vittles offer, from the small stick of the companion and the very difficult trade marks really of Bufferin have to protect in the cut from law? Problemy(Vypuski) of the trade mark it arrives at being increasingly more complex and can empetrer the nazvaniye (imya) of the article or the firm sample and the principal part of that, of which the company of the oboznacheniya (perechisleniya) milked in the daily base. Stat' ya (izdeliye) recent, which not to name its article, dzhakobs mark K, points out to us that the trade mark - it does not mark the obsluzhivaniya (Sluzhby) and this one, of the trade marks - always "the adjectives and nonsubstantial". Jacobs means that there is not thing like "Buick" in the world of the trade marks, but there is only "automobile of Buick". Food with these people, that do not call with consultants, I then not to know about others several interesting things: this same tverdo (trudno) with the trade mark the surname of the man and is almost impossible with the nazvaniye (imya) geographical of the trade mark for the article or the obsluzhivaniya (sluzhby), which do not arrive of this place. Fact, if the zayavleniye (primeneniye) of the recording of the trade mark is deviated, this - pain of not very probable head for the candidate. I assume that which leads this rough water - the part of the work of somebody grows more of pretty company of the oboznacheniya (perechisleniya), which can make the sample firm suitable, necessary is made research avoid the escaramuzas trade mark

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