Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Toyota is introduced the new Chinese stamps cheap Toyota seen persistent at the Chinese market, by projecting the offer

of the new firm sample of the cheap and happy car in the months arrived for the Chinese users. The company, that "General Motors" in sales will exceed soon, would prove "jump of the quantum" in sales, if the stamps of what is Chinese seized. I think the some surprise of industry, if Toyota enters to China, by using new firm samples in its totality, by fearing, that the sale of cheap cars with with what is Chinese could decrease Toyota the firm sample. Toyota only makes, that, since this incorporated the luxury and the markets for the molodezhi (yuntsa) A the USA with Lexus and by the branch, respectively. A thing is ensured that I is sure: Toyota will be stopped before what is rigid vyzovami (pretenziyami) Chinese producers of the car, who will not easily transfer this market flowering to the Japanese. Since I observed in the preceding blog station, Oboznacheniye (Perechisleniye) of the article: China wishes its stamp, Chinese it has already sample firm of Chery and one gives return persistent to the switch to be the supplier of the selection to the alien companies with the offer of users in peace informs to interest, the cheap Chinese stamps, which compete with with the large companions. I it is sure, that which will not be stopped in the superfluous side, while Toyota assumes that its domestic market

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