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Where the BMW of the mark of factory is a police officer? You prostite my privilege in the small malevolent joy, but me find that which while encouraging to reveal that including largest LED world LED producer of the cars of the premium has control LED dispatches, like the users transfer his nazvaniye (imya). Or this is - did the precursor K, largely spoke to ponyatii (kontseptsii) during currently that "user, imeyushchego (priznayushchego) print"? One predicts, that with the advent of Seti (Tkani) 2.0 social companies of the organization of a standard network LED, the balance of forces LED peremeshchayutsya (izmenyayutsya) of the companies and establishments with the users is similar to to you and me. BMW AGS, which is Werke AGS of Bayerische Motoren of the reduction, or in English, Bavarian work of the engine, in explicit German "moulded the edge of Emmas vay." In North America, however, the BMW the cars one generally calls the "bimmers", (in the German language, the correct pronunciation of the beemer of the "bimmer" of the sroka (it finishes) - ".") "Beemer which" one enters towards outside since the oho of principle 20 of the century the British pronunciation of the organization of the American explorers of boy, another motor cycle, which it frequently continued against BMWs. after a certain hour, srok (termin) it was connected closely with the BMW with the motor cycles; however. In the final beemer of the analysis the pronunciation of the word was applied almost exclusively to its car -. and there, of Beemer it transformed the horn of plenty of the cultural transfers mutual these which were not returned to control. In Russia, for example, the car is examined by the lazy person - who, the USA, resembles the poor experiment of what is preparata (narkotika). In Lithuania, other side, the users consign really the sure movement in strong Bambalis - the nazvanii (imeni), which is with the noyushche similar to the German word of the Bamboos, that indicates the bamboo. In Greece, limiting, Mashinu (Mekhanizm) - Drinks that they lead - they close them in the pronunciation with the German verb they drink, which indicates to vary, the seism or the gnashing. Meet this, majority to bring in despondency, in Mexico, of the drivers which it can roughly leave its MARK of the DATA in a certain part - which, according to our American mannersu of the lack, noncorrect act with the defecation (MARK of the DATA). For a more great deal of varieties in how the BMW Beemer is explicit in various cultures, Bavaria Bimmera lit I of the prover' you - the knights of Newswire.

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