Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Canada finally Prerekayetsya that the debater of Daimler Chrysler jeep says that the cars sweat directly obtained under the Second World war of the jeeps, it will be finally known as debaters in Canada - since are located in more than 100 of other markets. I is satisfied. It resembles oneself that "General Motors" randomly had a use of the nazvaniya (imeni) in Canada for the car of the pogruzki (pikapa), while forcing Canadian debaters to be knowledge like "TJs" (after its internal designations of the fabric (organa)), only these two companies of the benefit in the "friendly" comprehension, which considers that the GM gives the firm sample known Daimler to Chrysler. This will decrease the expenses of marketing for the company and the means of transport, where this one belongs legal. I know that the debater nazvaniya (imeni) is used, obviously, by many companies, including the marks of Hormel factory which satisfies with effectiveness of the turns, hardly as the known stamp of trousers of the cowherds of the debater and the commando less known of the beisbol of the debater in the E.E.U.U.. This one is - the nazvaniye (imya) sufficiently courageous, which determines its useful market clearly - nazvaniy (imen) gendering of the car - something, which wrote on that one, before its aktsiya (aktivy) would be deeply held so much in 4x4 the culture which of sound tverdyy (trudnyy) that saw it that this constantly fast disappears the obstacle

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