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the designation of the article: Ferrari named in the name of the curves gtb recently introduced Ferrari of new Fiorano 599 of the track into the demonstration conveys of Geneva, the not very probable fast car envisaged closed) of the lesa(dvukhmestnaya of the cut (berlinetta) named in the sled (kurs) known of the test of the company. Those "599" present the engine of 5.99- liters of the car, and supports "GTB" for the limit of the terismoa of the berlinettaa. No company of the car of the sport in the ground probably has the memories which cause more nazvaniya (imena) for their cars, him more frequently possible vzyatykh (predprinyatykh) of somebody of the nazvaniy (they imen) Ferrari of the members of the family (Dino, Entso) or continued positions (superb-the America, Mondail, Daytona). My nazvaniye (imya) of the favourite of Ferrari, obviously, it is this Testarossa, which indicates, "red" head simply that after the red chief of the cylinder in his apartment of 12 engines. Cavallino food Crawling (the small black horse in his posterior feet, of which it composes the emblem of Ferrari), I continue to ensure the beautiful names for his beautiful machines. Courageous, Ferrari. For a more great deal of examinations of the car and introductions of the car, read Tapskotta behind the wheel. To read you on the fact that other enthusiastic of Ferrari speaks, must check Ferrari Blog. Now, if you - the really obsessed ventilator of Ferrari, I found that the lazzaro Fshch0a d' Anthony of the blog interested designation

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