Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Designation of the article:

Designation of the article: Who has one-way knowledge or another of the khile of Austin? GB one amuses car CO, partner of production of owner will rovera of magnesium, automobile Nan' tszin, declared recemmentrecentement this, envisaged to introduce the reincarnation of the legendary khile of Austin after its absence by more than 35 years. Or, probably none... It occurs that known Healey is really governed Healey of family, and never they allowed the car CO of the sports of GB of the right-hand side the nazvaniye (imya). Instead of this, Healeys sold its store of the Anglo-Americana company, car of HFI roughly for 2 million I This company, with blessings and the participation of beautiful - Healey girl of the founder of the khiley Margo of Donald and her daughters of the sesilii and Keyt, projects to introduce the new car into the demonstration of the engine of London with sicker of 3000 tables with the surname. And the car will be built by Britannique in Uorikshire, Great Britain. Morals of the history that, when this arrives in the traditional firm sample, to initially ask before the attempt to distribute in this designation

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