Wednesday, February 07, 2007



New, automobile lotto with the name of the lotto of condition A recemmentrecentement introduced Exige new S, transformation of the head, the monster of the size by the point, that some trebovaniye (zayavleniye) owners can outdistance Ferrari. It requires it indicates "to require" in French (it is the possible selection of the nechetnyy (strannyy) for the English company of the car), and this one can be there the "true" car faster of the production of the world. I think that the more made name than the direction, when each one assumes that it requires it follows similar Lotasom of reverberation of what is eliz (it is left he was decade ago), it names, accepted grand-daughter of the preceding president of the art' oli of the Romain of the company. The range Requires Elise copy in the aspect in a manner and the movement of the platform, but brings more than the table - it Requires - as regards enthusiastic car the muscle. Master two names the car together, of Elects and Requires, which it allows that the impression of the slozhnosti (iskushennosti) prints, not nonlast being given its similar lengths of the aspect and a word. Meeting is to interest that they have no projects currently what stops the market grows more bonito this car with the Americans, which probably appears by thing, like almost which - the nibud ' connected with French has difficult time with many American purchasers during currently

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