Saturday, December 16, 2006


Modernization Morgan.

l production 2005 door a general modernization of the Morgan production; the single model Roadster V6 3.000, introduced to

May ' 04, obviously remain invariato. The 4/4 will return to being produced in the most traditional preparation to

"tightened" auto body, with wheels to beams 165-15, it will adopt a new motor Ford antipollution Duratec with detailed lists

Euro 4; lieto event is re-enters in production of appreciated model more in our country: modernized and upgraded Plus 4

comes riproposta after beyond 4 years with a motor Ford Duratec from the 145 CV, norms antipollution Euro 4, auto body of

Roadster derivation (therefore "wide") wheels to beams and rubbers 195/60-15. Sure the category "two liters" is most

suitable to our market, the perfect cut of piston displacement for the car gives little impegnativa divertimento and, to

times, to assign itself to the guide of Getlteman, sons and daughters. Just in the guidabilità (the modernizations the new

Plus 4 brings to you is similar to those of the Roadster) has its main points of force. Finally, it leaves again to large

the Aero8 program with the presentation of the new version to the Hall of the car of Geneva in March month. For greater

information the situated official of the Morgan Motor Company and situated of the Italian official importer the Villages


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