Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Lexus LS 600h, the limousine electrical worker

The Lexus (brand of lusso of the Toyota) is creating great expectation around the renewed "LS", attended in Europe to aim 2006. The Japanese flagship will be the first car with change to 8 relationships, able to park alone and, now, also before with a hybrid V8 to benzine and electricity. The propeller, been born from the experience of the Group with the Toyota "Prius" and with Lexus RX 400h and "S 450h, are" 5000 "that, arranged with electric motors to high ability and batteries of generous dimensions, develop altogether beyond 435 CV. In our Country, Lexus LS 600h would have to be in sale to leave from the summer of 2007; normal school LS 460 to benzine, instead, is attended in the concessionaires in the October of 2006. An car a lot interesting.

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