Thursday, December 14, 2006


"Alitalia, the festivity? ended ".

The phantom of the desert auction for the control of Alitalia induces the government to devout? myths councils. In order once, in what yesterday? revealed like the unknown tandem between the two technical ministers, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and Alexander White men they have sent messages univoci: the general executive manager Giancarlo Cimoli is to its place until the privatization, the State rester? shareholder to 20% but the buyer potr? to make the necessary lay-offs the reorganization. The minister of the Economy has explicitly said in Commission Transports to it: "the occupational levels of Alitalia must be coherent with the industrial plan". possible that the occupation "diminishes", but "if the company has happened torner? to grow little in time ". The colleague of the Transports, in an interview that today appears on the Expressed one, has made it to know to the mayoralties in brutal terms: "the recreation? ended. The attention to the wage levels them and to the occupation dovr? to be compatible with the requirements of the company ". Amazing words of the minister indicated from the Italian Communists. For the mayoralties the words of the two have been one cold shower and one reason in devout? in order to confirm strike of the Alitalia staff gi? indetto in order tomorrow. The company attends "heavy uneasiness" and tens of cancellations. Claudius Genovesi of the Fit-Cisl says that "the vicissitude becomes rich every day of conflicting indications". The Sult considers of "one gravit? inaudita "the reaffirmation of Cimoli. In the government it puts into effect it them to enjoys insufficient support, but for Padoa-Schioppa it remains the referring one of the only solution gi? on the table, that is the fusion with Air France-Klm. There? who says there that the destiny of Alitalia is written in the agreement trades them with the franc-Dutch? who says that not sar? cos. In order to dispel every doubt within January to leave? one contest in order to choose the purchaser of 30.1% of Alitalia. The government you would see in one first phase well the income of an Italian associate, than at the moment it could be "Management and Understood them" of Carl De Benedetti and Diego Of they Goes, the bottom "save-enterprises" to which she would have had to participate also to Silvio Berlusconi. Yesterday for before the time Of Goes has admitted they the interest: "Alitalia? a great brand with one quantit? enormous of problems. If for? us sar? a group of Italian entrepreneurs who put entirety in order to see there if? a practicable solution I could be of the game ". The case wants that always yesterday, host of Porta.a.porta, has said enemy and former its acerrimo premier Berlusconi: "Alitalia? To these conditions I do not know who if she buys it ". The answer arriver? to the devout ones? soon. Padoa-Schioppa has promised to the ban within the end of the year and the complete privatization in six months. Tomorrow they will be formalizes advisor financial and the lawyers to you: between the eleven in lists there are Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Rotschild, Mediobanca, Unicredito and Capitalia. Those financial ones could be two, a chosen one between the Italians (say Mediobanca) and one international. Devout? ahead sar? chosen a advisor industrial.

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