Thursday, December 21, 2006


Getlteman and getlteman..

the Smart of??Che you believe to us less or, this is the true one, the only one, "stylosissima" the Smart of yours idolo

"Smartista!". "I describe to a moment my pikkola to You: it is a BRABUS leggermente elaborated, has 90/95 horses. Once cn she

I have made the 160 to the hour. In city nn ce n' it is x nobody: sguscio from all the parts cn the maximum style and savoir

fair, and parkeggio where I want. It has the glasses fumè, 1 new system hi-fi (ke seems made x on purpose music house), the

double quantity scariko Brabus, the logo Brabus on the stopper of the benza. Then I have cerki the Brabus from 17 inches cn

wide wheels + behind in order sopportare the power. pikkola has upsets and the posterior traction: nn I say ke can go

strongly like S3 Audios, xrò in its small spakka. All they will say ke nn I have the maskerina originates them: I know, I

have broken off it in 1 incident and I have made us to mount that normal school (x nn makes me to sgamare from mine); I am

waiting for that one originates them from the concessionaire. House ET Style, Smartista ".

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