Thursday, December 14, 2006


Another Enzo bites the dust.

There is, to dispetto of the title it, omaggiante one famous song of the Queen, a lot little to remain allegros. The victim of this post is an other copy of the Ferrari Enzo. Newly fallen apart in two like in already other occasions, this black "red one" sure tried to exceed the sound barrier, to judge from the conditions in which it pours obviously (we hope with all the heart that the author of this "casino" has made itself little badly). Considered by now strengthened praxis of many possessory ones to go "to trees" with the Enzo, us the data supplied to us from a voice (much reliable one) on the effective number of Enzo turns out reasonable rather constructed. The official data speaks about 399 exemplary more a 400esimo constructed for being sold by auction to favor of the victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia. But to we at least 440 have spoken Enzo...

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