Thursday, December 21, 2006


Project Kimber AC Smart Roadster: design ufficiale?

Avevamo already shown a design that interpreted the shapes of... "AC Smart Roadster ", that is the Smart rimarchiata Roadster AC from the English consortium Project Kimber. Hour is the same Project Kimber, according to Autocar, to show the first image of the car, than for the truth seems to derive already from that one published. Elements of innovation in the new design are the trapezial template with chromium plated grill, the disposition of i beacons and the onlookers porter with vertical opening - than but would not be confirmed officially in the series version. , taking advantage of members and equipments in any case also yielded to Project Kimber from Smart, the new roadster seems to have one aspect originates them, in a sure sense more classic and more "English". Hour the end of the realization of the lines attends of assembly in England with the original material Smart, than to how much seems is proceeding more slowly of the previewed one. text79 Smart ForTwo Edition Limited One.DaimlerChrysler has chosen Bologna, and not Paris, for the official presentation of the new Smart ForTwo, also because Italy, with beyond 210.000 sold units, turns out the main market for the Smart. After the preview to the festivity in Greater Public square of slid 4 December, hour touches to the Motor Show, where it comes shown also first special series of the car, called "edition limited one". In practical draft of a model personalized and produced in 1.500 exemplary, solo in version coupé, with cell tridion, external retrovisori and template of color silver and body car in exclusive pyrit grey metallic. The roof "Panorama" has screen integrated parasol, while the circles are in alloy from 15 inches to 6 razze. The motor is the benzine from 71 CV, with speed 145 autolimitata hour to km/h and new automatic gearshift softouch to five marce.

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