Saturday, December 16, 2006


Ford could yield Jaguar - and Land Rover.

Numerose is the news with respect to the "movement" that is being created in House Ford, after the announcement of the loss

in according to quadrimestre of 254 million dollars, the double quantity regarding the report it begins them. It seems that

it is being proceeded to an appraisal study on the entire Premier Automotive Group, that is marks "premium" of the group

Ford - Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin and Land Rover; the scope would be to verify the cession possibility of or more it marks,

a po' as it had already made DaimlerChrysler with Smart. The first House that could be sold is Jaguar, brand that risks to

sovrapporsi to Volvo - low - and to Aston Martin - up, and that it has not never given to profit to Ford end from its

acquisition; moreover Jaguar was already to the center of negotiations with Renault, and could interest also to PSA and TVR,

currently possessed brand from the Russian miliardario Nikolai Smolensky. Jaguar, but, could not be single...

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