Saturday, December 16, 2006


LIFECar, a Morgan to idrogeno.

first car trades them to hydrogen entire could be the Morgan LIFECar, one plan based on Air 8. Thanks to the fuel cells to

hydrogen that feed 4 electric motors to the inside of the wheels, from the drainage of this machine water would have to only

exit. In order to avoid the necessity of having massive fuel cells, the LIFECar will use, as the Toyota Prius and the system

IMA of Honda, the rigenerativa refrained one, in order to load with the condensers that will be able to supply the necessary

power in phase of acceleration, while the fuel cells will have to only supply sufficient energy to the maintenance of the

speed. We will see between approximately three years, if this plan financed from the ministry of the British industry will

have happened. Sure, it will be an car much little exciting of the Morgan Air 8 from which drift, than 4,4 thanks to its V8

BMW accelerates from 0-100 km/h in less of 5 second ones.

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