Thursday, December 14, 2006


The position of the World-wide Contract on the Water on the dimissioni of Riccardo Petrella from the Presidency of ilano the Pugliese.

Aqueduct, 13 Decembers 2006 - Often the haste to take position, does not help us to estimate in weighted way thing has happened in Puglia, and therefore to recepire like, ours in spite of, we are been involved all to act but also to recompose our forehead and to increase the consent around our ideas being thrown again them with greater force. This premise in order to signal that there are tax, before expressing judgments under the effect of the most disparati feelings, a moment of collective argument, like Italian Committee and to that has had Hush of these days. For we, before every other consideration, the dimissioni of Riccardo Petrella from the Pugliese Aqueduct are a blow that we endure all. The Nichi president I sell it, Riccardo Petrella, all the alternative movement, you leave yourself that they are engages to you in making to assume to the Government of the Union the engagement not to privatize the water services asserting the principle that property and management must remain publics, the mayoralties who are escapes from Hush, the common ones, province and the administrations that they do not want to break off the ties directed with their citizens, the public enterprises that they have intentional to remain such in spite of the economic blackmails. And to the end the blow, ripercuoterà on the same national political picture of is sure. Therefore nobody is saved outside with the game of the accusations and pulling itself. All we are calls to you to measure to us with the problems you mail, also to those contrasting places from I sell it and from Petrella that not necessarily must configgere. Remembering to us if never we had forgotten it: - how much is heavy and determining the crash that is played around the public management of the AQP, but also to the privatization of the water sevizi in our country, the mercificazione of a common good like the water. - how much is hard and often without answer, the offensive in action in the regions from part of strong the economic powers and the greater Italian, cross-sectional political part to the government and the opposition, consociativa in the interests, than on the privatizations, on the withdrawn one of the state from the economy, on the mercificazione of the common assets, beyond constructing the just oligarchical one to be able, it privatizes same politics, it cancels every culture of the res publishes in the conscience of people, ago to come less the ties that hold a community together, it is killing the democracy and the confidence in the institutions. - how much this offensive is general, and regards the Lombardy with the regional law that obligates to the privatization, the Sicily with the commissariamento of the common rebels, the Tuscany that it rejects without to discuss it the law of popular initiative. Finally the dimissioni signal to us that this offensive of the privatizzatori has cracked our forehead, just here, where the movement has spold its more prestigious men and placed its advanced trench more: the management of the pugliese aqueduct and the binomial I sell it, Petrella. E' from that every reflection must leave, the rest, even if does not go here neglected, ago part of the reactions of the persons who have been and are in front line, to which asks not to close itself to the collective reflection. That just because collective and has political valence, must engage all: they, we movement of the water in the first place and then the movements alternated to you, associations, the ONG, you leave yourself, the secretaries of you leave yourself, the association of the elect ones of the water who after to have been elect they are talk nonsense to you, the local administrators who imperturbable continue in their ruotines, the intellectuals that do not shine in this occasion, the parroci, the average close to the movements. All we would have to be asked: what we have made, how many energies and attention we have dedicated or we are dedicating in order to make to grow and to diffuse the knowledge that is mercificando the water and the same life and that this crash touches most fundamental of the rights. This attack is in action today and regards all? We have known to read in the sale of the water between Puglia, Basilicata, Molise, Campania the manifestation of the mercificazione of the water? We have comprised that in the debits it accumulates you from the passages managements of the pugliese aqueduct with the bank Merrill Lynch, cosi like in the indebtedness on the financial markets of many of our common ones and municipial companies, the dimension of the politics is all that are privatized delivering if same and city assets of all we to the banks. We have understood that for the services local publics the idea, expressed from the president of the Lombardy, is that one to render all the services bankable publics and that one still more feracious of the Read undersecretary that it promises to stanare the "tesoretti publics compressed" of the services publics held hidden from the mayors, in order to free them and to deliver them finally R-al.mercato: to the Mount of the Paschi to Fideuram, Bank Understanding, Caltagirone to Suez. There is the image of the bank Mac Quaire that acquires with an operation from 14 billions of Euro the Thames Water and of fact it manages the entire English water service? What we are making in order to organize the resistance to this perspective of mercificazione? How much we have protested, denounced, asked you leave yourself, to the Prodi Government the respect of the engagements taken in the program of the Union? How much there are detaches you from ours accustoms them political and social tasks, from our battles for desires that we exchange for fundamental rights in order to place attention to how much is happening to a right, to a common good like that one to the water? In Sicily for the water they are come down in public square: the students, the mayoralties the mayors, and win. Why only in Sicily? From a consideration to which but of it Nichi I sell it of it Riccardo Petrella they can here sottrarsi. And it is that one of a deficit of information and relationships with the movement, in the merit of the problems that are fates in the course of a year and means. The hardness of the crash, the difficulties, the political pressures, the ties, the old and new obstacles, the various appraisals that are born from the various roles and the various exposures, could be faced without the information and possible the widest involvement of the civil society not only pugliese? We think not the Pugliese Aqueduct in how much laboratory we could not that to be one display window. And the obstacles are removed modifying the force ratios, informing and with the mobilitation of the consciences of the citizens. We are not between whom they banalize the problems, we know that it is not easy to move between ties and the compromises of the various institutions, than all we cannot be rendered of public domain, but Hush for 18 months he has been heavy, mistaken, counter-productive and the management has ended with appearing unavoidablly one personal enterprise. And this limit we watch a po' within is in acting of many in the movement. Finally the conclusive consideration is on "that making". As World-wide Contract we want to indicate some distances that we think priority. The law of popular initiative: this is the priority for we and on this our efforts go all. The collection of the companies, the banquets multiplying itself of the initiatives, sights like a formidable occasion in order to increase the forehead, to by now throw again the values and the contents of a battle for the water that all over the world, small blade has become one that digs in the system, of extension the distruttività, the arrogance, the weakness. Within to this engagement we place the node of I throw again of the relationship with the politics that langue in ties of the government experiences. We ask (politics) to the parliamentarians, to the mayors to the city council members, the councilmen, the ATO, to organize itself for this battle, of give visible, relazionabili shapes of presence with the civil society, of give one strategy, one attivizzazione, of the initiatives, of the expirations, to constitute of the Nets to defense of the public water. We beginning from place the node of the relationship with the public enterprises those that have refused to go to contest or to melt themselves with others, from the comprised pugliese aqueduct therefore. We ask they to be associated, to deliver up itself in political subject in a position to weighing in the crash, to assert the value of the res publishes, to begin the effective ripubblicizzazione to experience the participation. We have endured a blow, but often the endured blows are transformed in occasions of throw again, opportunity in order to introduce better the own reasons, into one greater clarity to our inside, in order to lock the row and give one moved all how many. In, the relationship on the human development of the United Nations it is written that of forehead to that represents the right to the denied water, who is not engaged he will be subordinate to a verdict of the history. Here, to this verdict we want to go all to high head?

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