Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Morgan new Air 8.

innovation in a day solo from tradizionalista the English producers: Morgan has introduced to Geneva renewed 8 Air and the

Four Seater. New Air 8 associates the classic style retrò from roadster English to one mechanical most modern: the motor is

a V8 BMW gives 4,4 liters, with 333 horses, the electronics comprise ABS, EBD (division of refrained) and the control of

launch (Drag Control Torque). The chassis in single aluminum allows to contain the weight in 1,145 kg. The performances turn

out excellent: 4,5 second ones from 0-100 km/h, the 256 km/h maximum speeds. Sin for that cowling of the trunk with the

spoiler, than ruins a po' the lines of Air 8. Hour that the mechanics of Air 8 is renewed, the question is: to when the

beautifulst coupè Aeromax!?

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