Saturday, December 09, 2006


Maranello Village, the residence for the Ferrari dependent

The Ferrari excellence in the cars of series and the competition is not daughter of the case but rather than one company

policy that it sees to the center of the attention the dependent. The factory of Maranello, as an example, is a land

paradise. Like to define a job atmosphere otherwise where the maestranze pass the days between cars from dream, garden

botanists, cascades of water, light, air and temperatures acclimatize held them under control constantly, and where all,

also the pavements, they are cleaned up and pulls to you to mirror as in it knows it delivery? To this the "Marenello

Village" joins, the residential complex for the Ferrari dependent inaugurated today from Todt and Piero Ferrari: 122

apartments in four mansions harmonized with the surrounding atmosphere and connects you to the factory from one ciclabile

track. Here why all would want to work in Ferrari!

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