Thursday, December 21, 2006


Here the Chinese Smart electrical worker...

To how much seems some constructors Chinese is... clonando the Smart ForTwo of the previous one generation. Turning for the

net, if of it they find at least a pair: the Electric Car City Smart of the CMEC (for the truth, currently not visible in the

situated official), and the version of the Shandong Huoyun Electromobile that you see in the images. If from a part the

pretensions, regarding "the true" Smart are inferior, are like level of constructive quality that of costs (a price of attack

of approximately 4.200 euro is assumed, perhaps also in Europe), from the other the car is electrical worker like... in the

original idea Smart - Swatch. Of the version Shandong Huoyun we can supply the technical data: 120 km of autonomy, 55 km/h of

the maximum speed, power 6,5 kW, diameter of sudden turn of 8 meters, superskillful slope of 30%, length 2510 milimeter,

width 1515 milimeter, height 1530 milimeter (more or less as the Smart puts into effect them).

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