Thursday, December 21, 2006


Mitsubishi gains the Good Design Grand Prize 2006

Tokyo: Mitsubishi as soon as has announced that its minicar has been insignita of the "Good Design Grand Prize 2006", for before the time assigned to one microcar.

The acknowledgment of the Japanese ministry of the economy has intentional to reward an car that extends the normal schools canoni of its segment; the "i", before between 2.918 contenders, demonstrate that emergency and inner habitability can very cohabit with good design and comfort. Key of the plan is the motor place under the posterior seats, configuration that allows to three important innovations in the within of the reduced dimensions taxes: futuribile and fashionable style, agile and comfortable behavior, emergency in every type of impact. Finally the design works them arrives direct and pleasant to the public, without compromises and using one platform innovative! This prize, reached anniversary its 50°, has the great merit to stimulate and to stimulate the application of industrial design like essential aspect of the human activities, in every field of the living daily. If also in Italy we had very present this mission, Giugiaro would be the head of the state!

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