Thursday, December 21, 2006


Mitsubishi Delica D:5.Dopo the prototype, Mitsubishi introduces the definitive version of the Minivan D:5.

The official denomination is Delica D:5 and will be in sale from beginning 2007; Delica is an historical name in the range Mitsubishi, been born in 1968 for the launch of the first monovolume of house. This fifth Delica generation wants to enclose in a solo minivan three peculiar characteristics: comfortable habitability for eight persons, sturdy structure of emergency joined to low impact acclimatizes them, esuberanti performances on every land thanks to the motor 2,4 liters MIVEC bound together to the integral traction electronically managed. The design decidedly seems little forced end to us and of the concept car, a po' anonymous but gradevole, but not for this Delica D:5 sprizza personality and fascination from every sheet...

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