Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Defender?

A new will be this how much seems, the Land Rover... more Land Rover than all, the Defender recently little dawned, it would

be being been preparing to change to shape and technology completely, in favor of a new more modern model. Also in forecast

of a return in forces in the USA market, the Defender new will be planned with more attention for norms on the emergency,

will have autoportante chassis and above all he will be simpler to construct, from the moment that many particular of that

one put into effect them are still realize to you manually... The motors could come directly from Ford: to benzine the V6

3,0 Duratec direct injection and 3,8 (this last one only for the USA), to diesel oil the 2,7 V6 developed with PSA. In the

designs, a hypothesis on the aspect of the new model, to half road between one Freelander and one small Hummer. Fortunately,

at the moment, a hypothesis is alone, and however the new model will not be sure in sale before 2008...

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