Thursday, December 14, 2006


Ag: Milan opens in rise Mibtel +0,23%.

Opening of sitting in rise for Public square Transactions, with the first Mibtel index that marks +0.23%, to 31.640 points. The S&P/Mib knows them of 0.28%, the Allstars earns 0.11%, also the Midex is in rise (+0.07%). To Milan, endured down Alitalia -1,72%, they share the titles well them that they had run yesterday: +0.99% Stmicroelectronics, +0.7% Tenaris. The European ags open in rise, in attended of the Opec apex, the bulletin salary of the Bce and the data on the sales by piece in Great Britain. At the social forehead, reflectors head to you at Nestle', after the purchase of the division of alimony clinicians from Novartis, and on Danisco, that it introduces turns out to you budgetary. Therefore: Paris +0.52%, London +0.49%, Zurigo +0.35% and Frankfurt +0,30%. Closing in decided rise for the ag of Tokyo that has touched the higher values of last the seven months on the strong performance of the esportatrici companies (that they continue to benefit of the decrease of the yen) and on the calculation that difficultly the Bank of Japan will raise the interest rates in the short period. The Nikkei has earned 136,27 points (+0.82%) to quota 16,829, the higher value from 11 May. In positive also the increased index Topix that has taken 12,66 points (+0.77%) to 1.651 points. Wall ßstreet has closed yesterday in most light rise in spite of the optimal data on the sales by piece that in November they have grown of 1% against the increment of attended 0.2% to the eve. To the term of the sitting, the Dow Jones has earned 0.02% to 12.317 points while the Nasdaq is salted of 0.03% to 2.432 points. Better S&P 500 that has taken 0.12% to 1.413 points. In sitting start, the euro it comes yesterday exchanged to 1,3218 dollars against the 1,3223 of the closing. The communitarian uniform is strengthened instead in the comparisons of the Japanese uniform: it comes yesterday exchanged to 155,31 yen regarding the 155,14 of the closing. The Japanese uniform yesterday remains weak person also in the comparisons of the exchanged dollar coming to 117,50 against the 117,40 of the closing.

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