Thursday, December 14, 2006


Autostrade-Abertis goodbye impossible Wedding.

All like previewed: after 8 months of risse and stamped papers the fusion between Autostrade and Abertis goes in the archives. At least for hour. The announcement arrives to half morning through an official notice of the board of directors agreed with the Spanish associates ("impossible to proceed, guilt of the hostile climate of the institutions"). The confirmation little hours after when the assembly of the associates renounces to distribute the maxidividendo from 2,1 billions previewed from the plan and archivia the practical one. Freeways aim the finger against the lacked authorization from part the Anas and the indeterminatezza of the produced legislative picture from ill-famed former article 12 of the Decree fiscal that see again all the matter of the highway concessions. "Too much uncertainty, impossible to proceed" has yesterday explained morning before in assembly and then in front of the journalists the president of Gian Freeways Maria Gros-Peter and the general executive manager Giovanni Castellucci. And while the representatives of the deep ones abstained themselves from the ballot, the representative of Schema28 (Benetton, Generates them, Unicredit, Foundation Crt and Abertis) formation with the management: "We share word for word the relation of the president". Which, of forehead to the associates, it has illustrated all one by one the obstacles that the government, the parliament and the Anas have frapposto to the fusion, but also it has explained that the two societies remain "convinced of the validity for if same, the own shareholders, the been involved markets and the systems of the two Countries which they belong, of the industrial plan of aggregation" and "of the European dimension of such plan". And therefore "auspicano that in future the conditions can be recreated in order to reconsider the plan, and to such aim they mean to continue jointly in the action and the dialogue to institutional level". In the meantime free all. Free Abertis to watch elsewhere and to try new investments, like what the past week has it capacity to become the first shareholder of the consortium to satellitare European Eutelsat. And free Freeways to search above all new business in the European East. "We have the competences and the force in order to play an international role" has explained Castellucci, admitting but that "without solid contractual foundations in our Country we will be able to have difficulty to operate to international level". Problems, of the rest, could be outlined also on the inner plan. "Every future investment will have to be based on sure, clear, transparent rules - it has specified to of Freeways - Until that there will be the conditions we will fulfill to the taken engagements, for those new ones we will estimate". For hour, to the contrary of Schema28 shareholder, Freeways it does not mean to intentare risarcitorie actions in the comparisons of the Anas: Gros-Peter defines in fact "conflicting" one conflict situation between conceding concessionaire and. And also the cause promoted from the Anas of forehead to the Civil court considers it "more a clarification of the past that one contrast for the future. Therefore very it comes ". And very comes some days before invites it to the advanced dialogue from the minister Antonio Di Peter. That in its turn it explains: "the stop to the fusion? A transaction between private: before if they are made it and then if they are stoppata it ". Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Ugl applaudono. "Finally a born plan is closed badly" says for all Guglielmo Epifani. In Ag the title it accusation the blow and loses 1.5% to quota 21,8 euro. To Madrid, Abertis goes on of 1%.

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