Saturday, December 16, 2006


Singular Hyudai HCD10 Hellion Concept.

Forme for this HCD10 Hellion, concept car introduced from Hyundai - or better from Hyundai Design and Technical Center of

the division American of the brand - to the Los Angeles Show Car. Draft in fact of a vehicle to half road between SUV and

crossover, with "compact" line to two volumes (is long 4.171 m), mudguards increases to you, circles from 20"in alloy,

remarkable height from earth and rather aggressive a general aspect. The more curious thing, but, is "the nearly biological"

architecture of the car, than for sure aspects the car-fish remembers of Mercedes: the "main cage" is constituted from three

joined ribbings, in the roof, is cross-sectionally that longitudinally, nearly like one "lisca of fish"; on this they are

applies to you to the thin metallic panels of the auto body and the roof in soft material. The ribbings are in beautiful

evidence are to the outside that inner, where they serve also to support some accessories (as an example, plafoniere or

screen LCD for the passengers).

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