Thursday, December 14, 2006


It does not know them canone the Telecom the consumers: one Victoria.

Nothing increase to January for canone the Telecom. The ritocco towards the high it had been announced the first December from the telephone society on the main daily paper. Together to the rincaro, par to 1.5% of the canone that it would have had to go up from 14,57 to 14,80 euro to the month, was communicated to the customers a series of decreases for some voices type the activation or trasloco of one line, in the within of a rimpasto of the rates guaranteed for law to cost zero for the user. The consumers, but, continued to ask great voice the total abolition for the canone. To decide if to start free to the increase from the first January he touched however the authority for the Tlc, but before the judgment, that he would have had to be pronounced yesterday, he has arrived to the guarantor, Corrado Calabrò, a letter of the Telecom president, I guide Red, in which he inquired himself that the group had decided to postpone on the increase "to protection of the interests generates them of the consumers, to the which Telecom Italy means to dedicate, always more, just the engagement". But the consumers do not seem to want to accept what they think a rescue in corner from part of Telecom and emphasize: "draft of one Victoria of all the customers. Hour Telecom enters in real competition with the other managers and starts a campaign of reduction of the rates, eliminating useless unjust taxes that they involve not indifferent costs for the families ". All of numbers the answer of Telecom: the canone for the residential customers it is firm from 1° July 2002, with a rate inflation grown approximately 2% the year, that is 9% in the entire period. Telecom therefore has not never recovered neanche the inflation, moreover the canone that satisfied in Italy lowest if it has been compared to those of France, Spain, England and Germany.

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