Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hyundai FD - Arnejs, an other segment C from the Corea.

No will be only the Kia cee' d which representative of the compact ones "segment C" Korean of new generation: Hyundai in

fact has announced the presence to the next Hall of Paris of concept car famous with the names of FD or Arnejs, diffusing

some also a sketch in preview. Based on the same platform of the cee' d, it has been thought purposely for the European

market, with the objective of to be confronted with you avail again to them more "agguerrite" of the segment, to begin from

the Volkswagen Golf. It is for the cee' d that for Hyundai new is spoken about auto bodies to 3 doors, SW and Coupé-cabrio,

let alone of one GTi with power of approximately 200 cv. versions to 5 doors will arrive in 2007, while the others will be

proposed gradually within the beginning of 2008.

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