Saturday, December 16, 2006


Mitsubishi Lancer 2008: eccola!

Era be anticipated from a design, and hour the official photos arrive: the Mitsubishi new Lancer 2008 is prepared therefore

to appear in public to the Hall of Detroit of the next January, for being placed in sale in the first months of 2007.

Regarding the design, but also to the Concept-X to which it is inspired, the Lancer new loses - obviously - something in

aggressiveness and originality; however it interprets well the character rather than compact typical sport sedan of the

series Lancer. To notice the new facade, with it calenders thin trapeziodale, beacons and part centers them of the

pronounced cowling; the beacons of tail they remember po' those of the Colt, while the scalfitura on the flank follows the

fashion of the moment beginning from - Mercedes, BMW, Smart...

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