Thursday, December 14, 2006


Horses to Moscow and Hong Kong.

Style from "aggressive panther and sexy" are not for all, but not there is doubt that Roberto Horses has become in the last period a symbol of the Italian fashion, in native land and to the foreign country. The confirmation the development of its pdv to the foreign country: last it arrives Moscow and Hong to you Kong. To Moscow Rublevo Uspenskoe Highway in the prestigious Luxury Village to the inside has been inaugurated a flagship from 350 the 144 meters squared to of which they find space the collections woman, man and accessories, that it goes to join to the boutique open in May 2004, and hour completely renewed. The second monomarks to Just Horses of Hong Kong has opened to Harbour City: a space of 300 meters square distributed on two levels, where the air and the dynamic and multicultural style of Just are breathed, young line of the designer. Glass, mirrors steel, suspended skin and lights able to recreate a stellato sky that is reflected on the pavements in sparkling crystal in resin silver are the dominant elements of the store to the inside of which they will be to disposition the collections woman, man and accessories.

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