Saturday, December 09, 2006


The new Ferrari Enzo takes shape

The times for a heir of supercar the Enzo seem already mature. We leave from the motor: vocifera is what it turns currently

in the FXX; the unit 12 cylinders that the super Ferrari will equip will have one cubature of 7 liters with feeding

atmospheric. With the maximum regimen in the order of the 9,500 - 10,000 turns the maximum power would be attested on the

value of 850 horses. The most smaliziati they connect this model to the recent innovation of the inseribile integral

traction. We will see. For how much regards the design, will be the careful and scupolose hands of Jason Castriota

(Pininfarina), already author of the arrogant ones shapes of the 599 and P 4/5, to put molding on the new one bolide. Even

if it will be difficult to exceed puts into effect it them Enzo.

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