Thursday, December 14, 2006


"Ban of contest between 10-15 days".

"COHERENT OCCUPATIONAL LEVELS WITH PLAN" the privatization of Alitalia - the minister has continued - is "taken of action of a failure of the society and the state the regolator and shareholder" in guaranteeing the survival of the company in the passage from the monopoly to one market situation. According to Padoa-Schioppa the occupational levels of Alitalia will have to be "coherent with the industrial plan that will come put to point from the purchaser otherwise risks to being indefensible". Moreover it has added Padoa-Schioppa, "the privatization is not the conclusive action of the government but only the beginning of a more effective action". It objects to you, it has assistant, "are to privatize well, to realize a reorganization plan, I throw again and development, to safeguard the interests generates them and the occupational levels".

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