Thursday, December 21, 2006


Still on the Toyota anti-Smart

Avevamo already anticipated the news of one possible future car from city of Toyota, showing the images of a prototype heavy disguised, that it came put in relation with concept car the Endo. On (via some interpretations appear of that it could be one avail again of the Smart with brand Toyota, and that Aygo could be called also having a auto body of all originates them, like if were one risen of "Aygo coupé ". The small car to 2 places would have destined mostly to be R-al.mercato American, in competition directed with the Smart ForTwo. The more probable motor is the 3 cylinders from a liter to benzine, with increased power, at least for the USA, from 68 to approximately 80 CV, coupled to one automatic gearshift. The city new would have to make its first apparition the Hall of Tokyo 2007, for being commercialized the successive year

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