Thursday, December 14, 2006


Bce: "In 2007, the debit under 3%". The Bce promotes the Financial institution.

The relationship between deficit and Pil in Italy - law in the last arrived economic bulletin from Frankfurt - will come down hardly "to of under" the threshold of 3% in 2007. Of fact the accounts Italian publics will improve "thanks to the package of reorganization contained in the law budgetary for 2007 and to coming less of the temporary effects" of the sentence of the Law court of the European Communities, that it will involve instead unfavorable fiscal effects on the accounts of this year. The announcement of the Bce arrives to the eve of the confidence to the Senate to the maxiemendamento to the Financial institution, previewed tomorrow to the 20.00. The minister of the Economy Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa will be present tomorrow in Classroom to the Senate for the retort of the government in closing of the general argument on the law financial institution. The President of the Senate has said, Franc Navy. "For the retort of the government - the minister of the Economy has said in classroom Navy will come in Senate".

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