Sunday, November 26, 2006



Let's consider some very important recommendations on development of the correct rack at a billiard table and to the reference with кием. This advice can benefit not only to the beginner who is for the first time included in the mysterious world of billiards, but also the one who already any time is under magic of green cloth, sometimes has the long-term game experience, but does not achieve appreciable successes. Sometimes such player even admits to itself inability to perfection and connects it with deficiency of talent, lack of practice or with any other reason, but only not with true, namely that it never thoughtfully studied elements of billiard game. But such player can recollect, that, not having a number of the skilled instructor, in any day for the first time has taken in hands кий and has gradually learned to address with it in itself, operating at a table approximately the same as on his supervision it was done by others and as it) was prompted with own intuition.

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