Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Black T

It is earlier never, takeing into account entire our richest experience of the tests of super-power sport- it is cirque, it did not be necessary "to produce" so many... smoke from under the wheels! Newest Bentley Arnage T (most powerful automobile during entire history of stamp) leaves behind itself "smoke screen" always and everywhere. For this necessarily altogether only as one should "pritopit'" the engraved aluminum pedal of "gas". And then from under the wheels of "mastodon" izvergnutsya the clubs of white smoke - from the start, on the straight line either in the turn, at the minimum speed or in the regime hearth "hundred", with the off system ESP or in the presence of "electronic watchman"... The truly fantastic torque does not leave to the elite tires Pirelli PZero chances to avoid "ignition"! Therefore in complete agreement with the tradition of brand Bentley to us was wanted to appropriate to this machine status "White Label", indeed the white clouds of smoke driver sees in the mirror of rear form that he is called, on the first requirement! Although in reality this bright novelty from the islands from the generation "is married" entirely with another "kolorom"! The tradition of firm "to hang up labels" according to the color principle is firm and goes even from the times of founder - Walter Owen Bentley. The color, in which is colored "winged" letter "B", not whim, but the present residency card of each model, and strange, as always, Englishmen name this "badging". Thus, for instance, Red Label was usually appropriated to modifications thinned and pompous, Green Label - to machines from the "racing" genealogical finally rare, "fierce", uncompromising and super-power model itself they had right to the most honorable color in the gamma of producer, obtaining Black Label! In recent years it is only unthinkable by road, gigantic and powerful Bentley Continental T - the most exclusive sleeping compartment of planet - deserved "black leybl". By the way, letter "T" in the name of any Bentley - indispensable satellite of the logotype of black color... It is actually necessary to get accustomed to the unique rituals of Englishmen. And today, when stamp conducted the cardinal renovation of its famous sedan Arnage, for the first time this "delicate aristocrat" obtained the "black armors" of the steepest Bentley - Black Label and letter "T" in the name. The most competent and adoring ingenious puns Britons name this "dangerously explosive" combination of the regalias most powerful Bentley as follows: Black T ("Black TI"), "black tea" - an indispensable satellite of the life of true English gentleman! "of course the temperament of versions Black Label T deserves a similar comparison - nothing contains so powerful a charge of energy as black tea!" - seriously discuss English automobile aesthetes! It is full, however, to stuff you by the national special features of British elite avtoproma. Above the whims of Englishmen it is possible it takes a long time to chaff, but, we hope, our numerous and most detailed tests of great British automobiles convinced you of the fact that all these are empty words. Behind the somewhat strange habits of islanders lies natural talent to create the truly salient, not having analogs on the planetary scale automobiles! This perfectly well know the German investors, who, as is known, redeemed almost all great British stamps. Concern Volkswagen, which and, probably, forever it answers for fate Bentley, solved since 1998, which from that reaching to it the treasure-house of English automobile inheritance, of all models of model the best prospects in the commercial plan has a sedan Arnage. Specifically, on its most serious modification very imposing resources were concentrated, in order to give to this unique 4- door "monster" the "second life" and to ensure to it more mass sales than they were, until now. "it is wider than the universe" So Englishmen themselves from the plant into Kryu speak about the enumeration of modernizations, by which underwent previous Arnage, in order to become present "chernoleyblovyy" Arnage T in its time the British corporation Vickers, previous owner then even more united holding Rolls-Royce-Bentley, created Arnage as its kind "addition" to the the majestic Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. In the massive "rollsovskom" body was borne the "clone" Bentley Arnage, which outwardly had all the same - for someone fundamental, and for someone imperceptible - aesthetical details, with the aid of which by decades distinguished models Rolls-Royce and Bentley in their period "joint stays" and connected with this "mechanical relationships". Principally Silver Seraph and Arnage was distinguished power unit - if "rolls" was equipped by the same V12, as previous "seven" BMW, then for Bentley in Munich was prepared the special version of 4,4- liter "eight". Specially for the Englishmen Bavarians supplied their beznadduvnyy V8 with two turbines. With such uncommon engine (benzine biturbo from BMW - only Englishmen we could attain this!) the first generation Arnage made a debut in the spring of 1998 with the "heading" Green Label. Of course the total use of German components machined translate to completely different qualitative level in comparison with the capricious "ancestors". But judges Bentley, as one would expect, "germanized" Arnage was accepted unimportantly, after criticizing severely for the "treachery of roots", and even, hinting at the color of emblem BMW, was called machine "Blue Label". After the acquisition of the stamp in the summer of 1998 the restless President VW Ferdinand pikh almost immediately returned indication to return under cowling Arnage "old-rejime" English motorishche V8 - the present "dinosaur", that has either analogs or competitors. Together with the motor returned the typical problems of the models of the previous decades (disgusting reliability, the gigantic fuel consumption, the old-fashionedness of technology), but, it goes without saying, autentichnost' of machine was restored. This hybrid by the name Arnage Red Label was held on the conveyor into Kryu up to the beginning of present year, and all this time Englishmen together with thousands of colleagues of the different subdivisions VW Group in entire peace worked above the creation of the second generation Arnage - interpretation of legendary automobile for KHKH.I of century. Task was, of course, not of the light. It was in prospect to alter and to pull practically each element to the German standards of quality, each detail of that had time as should be age Arnage, but in this case preserved inimitable charm and spirit Bentley as the salient British automobile. Advantage in strategy of renovation Arnage was that existing in one body and, correspondingly, outwardly maximally similar Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph in this year is removed from the production, and it means, from now on "kingly profile" and "figure" Arnage become exclusive and unique.

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