Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Settle - they went. First impression - Bekha, it and in Africa Bekha. Spring suspension, precise reactions, image, again after all. From the auto-salon they taxied on MKAD in the middle of day - machines it is full, it was not, but also to go on the spree nowhere. To potikhonechku they reached the Leninist, they dived into the city. Before the post TRAFFIC CONTROL contraction, and immediately after - space. "detonate" along the empty road. Kayf! Will go Bekha concretely. How much "heat" - so many it will go. The acceleration is confident, constant. Pickup begins immediately after idling, and continue to 4 for 000 in the "economical" regime AKPP, and to 6 000 - on the "sport". Even on the approach of the pointer of tachometer to "red- Line" acceleration automobile does not weaken. I try to play a little "by kick- Down". I am accelerated to 120, and I sharply melt down "trigger button" into the floor. Addition in the acceleration, of course, felt, but insignificant entirely, and can, it it was not at all, simply subjectively it seemed that, the machine brighter went after small "peck". Again I occur on the streets with the dense motion. Attempting to gain time, I begin to maneuver in the flow, to be reconstructed, to be accelerated, to impede. Machine small, the majority of "prolazok-perestavok" are carried out easily. But, I focus attention, which after relatively prolonged uniform motion, with the sharp pressure on the gas, "automaton" to blunt begins, to think. A little entirely, but it is unpleasant, especially, when it is necessary to get in into the suddenly opened slot between the machines. Here it can't be helped - judging by everything box, it manages to be adapted to the smooth running, and it is not ready to sharp spurt. To deceive it proved to be more simply nowhere - kick- Down no one abolished. "trekha" not that machine, which it is worthwhile to test, rolling out among the day around the city. For obtaining the idea complete about it, it is necessary to drive on on it plenty, pirouettes to povypisyvat'. It is better than Khodynka field, there is no place for this in Moscow. Here is finally airfield. I leave to "vzletku", on the face of the disruption of "vrisovyvayus'" into the turns of asphalt "ring". I immediately note that "face" this very removed. On the dry clean coating the automobile confidently is held in the trajectory. It here only heels nonweakly. Takeing into account elasticity, even certain "dubovost'" of suspension, this seems strange. But besides hanging on the belts, extreme virazhirovaniye inconveniences does not reach. "bekha" is obedient and predicted, reaction all correct. Cannot be here only visited beautifully - with buksom - into the turning on it - motor- that is sufficient, but electronics holds in control. Is it's a pity, of course, but indeed machine not racing, although very spirited. And it would be very interesting the same on the "knob" to protestirovat'. To feel Valvetronic in the pure form - without the box, which edges.

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