Sunday, November 26, 2006


Bureau of copyrights the USA has allowed to break open DVD and games

Bureau of copyrights the USA has allowed to copy to teachers fragments of DVD-records for use of compilations in the rates. According to the document, indulgences of the law on copyrights also will touch blind which have allowed to use a special software for reading the protected electronic books and owners of mobile phones.

Teachers frequently should use compilations, for example, for drawing up of anthologies and their analysis. It does not contradict the law on copyrights, but manufacturers DVD put protection against copying as such, and its(her) breaking till now was considered as infringement of the law. Film studioes suggested department to limit rights of teachers VHS and other formats without digital locks, but the professorate has not wished to manage bad quality video.

Breaking of the codes protecting electronic books, is resolved blind to use at reading the program for recitation of the text. As to mobile phones though this decision lays outside of educational sphere, patron above a bureau, has allowed to break open the preestablished software limiting access of users to all functions of phone (for example, an output in the Internet only within the framework of services of the prime contract).

Among unusual cases when breaking DRM is recognized legal, there were computer programs and videogames, "iron" for which any more is not issued (to use programs of "master key" in this case it is possible for archival work) or if in them are damaged protective. Also breaking the protective codes menacing to safety is resolved - the case, when used by company Sony BMG Music Entertainment on six millions CDs - copies DRM-system самоустанавливались on a computer is as an example resulted, making its vulnerable for hackers.

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