Sunday, November 26, 2006



The golf is difficult for presenting without a smoking cigar, as football not without beer.
However day after day in the USA and Europe are critically reduced the public places which are not restraining the rights of fans of smoking, is especial cigars. In support of fighting spirit of rich taste of elite cigars, company Tabacalera Perdomo has let out (has released) a line of cigars Perdomo Golf line intended only for fans of elite game in a golf.
Perdomo Golf line includes 8 various sizes of cigars, from crowns (petit corona) up to cigars of the big sizes which can hold on approximately from half up to the end of a round of game. Cigars have a wrapping sheet of a grade Connecticut (Connecticut), and the core is made of tobacco brought up in Nicaragua.
The price of a cigar varies from $4.50 up to $10. As it is possible to get gift set " The Caddy " including 4 cigars Perdomo Golf, 4 spheres for a golf, and as a boat of a cigar.

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