Sunday, November 26, 2006



The first acquaintance of Europeans to tobacco as cigars has taken place in 1492 when Hristofora Columbus's expedition has reached coast of America. The first description of smoking Indians meets in notes the Cherry and Luisa de la Torresa which as it is considered, the first have seen natives with oblong convolutions from leaves and a stuffing from tobacco. It were Indians of tribe Таино, aboriginals of Cuba. And since Cuba became the basic manufacturer of tobacco, and cigars in Spain, in a place under the name Seville were braided. Manufacture of cigars has appeared in 1541, and to Europe they have got only in 1717 where before tobacco smelt or smoked only in tubes. Gradually about cigars started to learn all world, and the history of their distribution repeated a history of gains. So many began the acquaintance to them, having grasped a vessel with the strange goods, following with Cuba.

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