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Competition - matter useful even in this question as love.

Those more if the discussion deals with the love, so to speak, "industrial profile", or more precisely, about the achievement of the acknowledgement of the Italian automobile giant FIAT. For the elongation of the postwar decades several the now legendary design- studios from the Apennine peninsula wage bitter war for the orders of this powerful concern, and precisely this rivalry makes possible for us, to motorists, to see the splendid series and conceptual models, produced under the different stamps of concern FIAT. Moreover, precisely because of the friendly acceptance of owners FIAT - the family Of an'elli - to the collaboration with the independent design- studios of Italy in entire peace about them was formed opinion as about the best automobile stylists. But this, in turn, allowed such famous firms as Pininfarina, Bertone, ItalDesign, to arise to the feet and then to obtain acknowledgement in other countries. In other words, all Italian design- studios, which is called, are for life obliged by its prosperity FIAT. And which is gratifying, they all honor their "cross father", also, to this day, in spite of a large quantity orders from Germany, Japan and Korea, and they count for the honor to develop any new model precisely for the Italian concern. And this fight for obtaining of orders from FIAT forces Pininfarina, Bertone and ItalDesign regularly to its own means to create promising, ready to release prototypes on the chassis of the series machines of concern, to present them on the world auto-salons and, thus, to be turned to marketologam of concern, already knowing the opinion of the visitors of exhibitions, i.e., potential buyers. Certainly, not always, but recently everything are thinner and thinner the management of auto-giant is considered necessary to focus attention on these appearances of its compatriots. But the main thing - tradition lives, and we continue to admire the remarkable concept- penalties, which, if we not tempting prospect obtain order in FIAT, never would appear to the light! Now you know the reason for the generation of the heroine of our today's story. Although among the set of "profiatovskikh" concept- is cirque Bertone Bella it is separated on the basis of many articles: this is the tested and finished running model, but not mock-up, to koimi are frequently limited design- studios and furthermore the automobile proposes numerous most interesting stylistic and assembly solutions. So that, it is widely held, Bella it became one of the most successful developments of the famous design- studio Bertone of the end of the 90th it was annual. Yes even marketingovaya background is very serious... Return, my love! The great maestro of design Nuchcho Burton to the end of his days did not get tired of repeating, that by his triumph as the trader he was obliged to brand Alfa Romeo. Milanskiy producer, in those distant 50's not yet entered into empire FIAT, entrusted to the small workshop Bertone not only the creation of design, but also the small-scale production of rodstera, which became subsequently cult. Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Model 1954 it placed the beginning of the history of studio Bertone not only as specialist in the design, but also the master of the exclusive assembling of commercial models. The stunning success of "Juliettes" as long ago as 1960 led to the fact that from the small shop plant Bertone became the full-scale automobile production, with which hundreds of thousands of machines of tens of different stamps were subsequently brought to let out! On the irony of fate, Nuchcho Burton, created legendary "Juliette", to the 70's it became it was not is not too dear in Alfa Romeo, moreover, the subsequent generations of machines under this name were developed by already... chief competitor, studio Pininfarina! Yes even the contemporary models Alfa Romeo have a unit plate of this rival of # 1... However, the present generations of sleeping compartment Alfa GTV and rodstera Alfa Spider live their century, and FIAT declared secret competition among the Turin(sk) design- studios to the creation of new model, which - and this no one doubts - again will return to buyers the sonorous name Giulietta! Of course everything they remember about the creator of "Juliettes", and this gives right to the surprising sleeping compartment Bertone Bella, which we in the exclusive order tested for you, first of all to expect the "blessings" of daddy FIAT! Claims Bertone on rimeyk of "Juliettes" appear all the more soundly since in construction Bella they are used platform and the aggregates of series business- sedan Alfa 166, precisely, on its base it is created Giulietta THE XXI century. To describe izyski of style Bella is possible by hours - the association of the studio of vanguard projects under the management of famous designer Luchano d'Ambrozio is noted for its futuristic and at the same time completely adapted to the realias of production projects. Visor on the wheels The first, that, without the doubts, shakes, so this profile Bella: long horizontal window stool line, that was lengthened from the baggage carrier to the cowling, and the sharp, directed upward at angle of 45. line of roof. Short back, long forward section, narrow lateral windows of wedge shape and enormous windshield - all traditional elements of sleeping compartment from Bertone are preserved. Maestro Nuchcho spoke about this strange roof that she creates the "effect of the visor of beysbolki", which is raised on the proudly raised head. Similarly... Bella already had time to become famous among the experts of design because of the surprising combination of the elements of the Biot- design (here many rounded off surfaces) and the sharp, uncompromisingly rezano- broken lines. This machine revives the style of immortal concept- it is cirque Bertone the 70th it is annual - famous Stratos and Trapeze. However, the skill of Italian stylists creatively to process and to simultaneously store its traditions it is possible not to doubt. Is much more interesting the fact that in the splendid body Bella is proposed the interesting engineering solution by the layout of machine with the body of sleeping compartment. There are no doubts, that soon this will be used in the series models Alfa Romeo. You will excuse and push! It is widely-known that even the full-scale sleeping compartment are not characterized by large capacity, moreover even when salon like is spacious, and baggage carrier is great. The nevertheless 2- local body of sleeping compartment always creates the problems with the arrangement of dimensional it is cargo, which, in spite of the aristokratichnyy image of machines with this body, to their owners frequently it is necessary to transport. Certainly, it is possible to accumulate "excess" rear armchairs, but then sports equipment or any other luggage for the picnic bud.et in the disorder to project in the salon, but this in no way tallies to status of expensive sleeping compartment. "the snobbery of the sleeping compartment and the practicalness of specialist it is possible to combine", solved engineers Bertone and they used Bella for introducing their brilliantly simple invention, which is based on the traditional principle of the folding rear seats, plus... a little fantasy! It is at first glance, the rear armchairs Bella are completely usual, but it is worthwhile to stretch one of the halves of sofa to themselves, as pillow and back rise for the pair of seconds, freeing place for continuing the baggage hold! The same is done also with another half of sofa. As a result of the simplest manipulations the volume of the luggage compartment can be increased almost doubly, the esthetic value of the appearance of salon itself not a bit not suffering - these are the same armchairs, only "bend out" outside. As this excellently appears, you look themselves. Of course this diagram makes it possible to change the relationship of passazhiry/bagazh. Possibly several versions: four chelovek.a and baggage carrier in the minimum configuration, three passengers and "one-and-a-half" baggage carrier even two riders and enormous trunk. By the way, the cargo capacity of this sleeping compartment shakes - even in smallest configuration (with four passengers) cargo hold Bella exceeds 550 l (more than in many business- sedans), with the "inverted" rear armchairs the volume of baggage hold it exceeds 850 l. this number more it is characteristic for khetchbekov of class Golf. Certainly, Bella is built on the chassis of in no way small Alfa Romeo 166 (base 2700 mm), but nevertheless precisely due to the very high "stern" and the immense rear counter -"kozyr6ka" is formed this enormous trunk. And in order to even more accentuate attention in this union - aristocratism of sleeping compartment plus is the capacity of specialist, creators concept- penalty finished the salon of machine with the staggering luxury: one view on the refined interior it is sufficient in order to forget about all utilitarian necessities... Luster and... scale! Modest violet- gray okras of body strongly contrasts with the epatazhnym salon. It is more than red, and so that everything would shine - was such the motto of finishing interior, but taste, as always, it did not change designers Bertone. Front panel and central console moved here with series of 166-1, but base panels are by hand finished by thin red skin, they were augmented by inserts from aluminum (change-gear lever, the facade of console), but the main thing - armchair and control. Unique metallized material, which strongly resembles the hauberks of ancient soldiers (or even fish scale!), it blestit in the sun, it is poured by the specks of light charming eye and, as the saying goes, "appears to million"! But finished by the same cloth knob- elbow-rests of doors resemble spears! It is possible sequential time be enraptured to only by the fantasy of Italian masters. The control, stretched over by black skin and all the same "scale", is splendid, and cone-like cut below resembles the famous "beak" of the machines of brand Alfa Romeo. Yes, in spite of many unit plates with logotype Bertone in the salon, Bella - nevertheless Alfa Romeo. And of this reminds one the emblem of milanskoy firm on two pedals and dial of tachometer. Bertone side by side with Alfa Romeo - strictly, this is a purpose of existence of data concept- penalty. Still it is possible to add that the quality of manual assembling - high, and use by chassis Alfa 166 allowed to make a salon of this sleeping compartment very spacious. Large frontal and are rear than the glass, in spite of monumental lateral counters and roof, they ensure sufficiently good field of view, the here only upper edge of lateral window is located on the level... of the middle of the head of driver. That you will do - the high style of sleeping compartment! It is ready under the corona Bella passed many finishing tests, therefore, in a difference in the majorities concept- it was cirque, which were calculated for that in order to pass pair of hundreds it was meter, it can drive as usual automobile. The copy, which we experienced, was equipped with the 4- drum engine with a volume of 2 l, which is established on all series models Alfa Romeo (there exists another prototype Bella with engine V6 with a volume of 3 l with the power of 226 hp, engineers Bertone they adapt all motors for future "Juliette"). We earlier knew that this 2- liter engine is one of the best European aggregates of this volume. And under cowling Bella it preserved unusual for this volume temperament, including not bad reserve of torque on the low revolutions, and staggering "musical tracking", and excellent elasticity. Even with the mass of automobile almost in 1,5 t of the power of 155- strong engine it is sufficient for the very energetic accelerations and the zero-length launches. Chassis concept- penalty is completely identical to sedan Alfa 166, and is here preserved its pleasant zhestkovatost' and sportivnost'. Perhaps, it approaches sport- sleeping compartment even more than to sedan of business- class. But here front drive too is not associated well with the image of luxurious sleeping compartment from Bertone, but here play role the economic factors: even for future rimeyka of "Juliettes" FIAT not will specially create zadneprivodnuyu platform. It is interesting that, in spite of the considerable decrease length Bella in comparison with 166-1 (4450 mm against 4720 mm), because of the massive forms of concept and low roof appears sensation, as if you govern enormous limousine... Candidate in "Juliettes" is very coquettish, but "are not constructed eyes" coma it fell: both front and rear optics is based on contemporary miniature lights-element. Three round headlights look through through the finest cuts -"glazniqy" between the bumper and the cowling. Only now, after the creation of supersmall reflectors, designers can allow these liberties themselves: in spite of tiny sizes, headlights, nevertheless, correspond to all requirements of safety! Backing lamps, as this now fashionably and frequently is used on the vanguard concept- penalties, are two slender strips of the laser diodes, hidden between the back rests and the glass. The solution is promising, but thus far yet not not too finished finish for the introduction into the production on the mass models. The main thing, that the transparent diodes absolutely merge with the body and they do not cause the disputes between the designers and the technologists apropos of form and complexity of the production of rear optics. As a result the possibility to sketch rear machine part seemingly without the lamps generally opens the new horizons for the fantasy of stylists. However there it was, representatives Bertone declare, that in the process of the work on project Bella constantly were supported the contacts with technologists Alfa Romeo; therefore in the construction concept- penalty the specialists of design- studio used nothing, that it could not be inculcated on the conveyor. In the final analysis by the main reward Bertone for all efforts (and investment!) became permission FIAT... to crown prototype Bella lattice with the "beak" and emblem Alfa Romeo. So that the complete official name of this surprising automobile - Bertone Alfa Romeo Bella. However, what is further? Prototypes concept- penalty (in the free from the surveys of "auto-panorama" time) are studied by engineers FIAT for explaining the question "it stands or it does not stand". It is not completely compulsory, that to the final solution about the adoption or nonacceptance Bella as the basis of the design of future "Juliette" will influence only pragmatic arguments. There are strong political reasons. Indeed in the same Alfa Romeo is its, "domestic", the design- studio, which jealous relates to all proposals "from the side", they proceeded from whatever known houses of automobile mode. However management FIAT encourages active collaboration with the Italian design- studios for the healthy competition and stimulations of its own designers. Most frequently so is born truly better solution. It is better for concern FIAT. But where the truth in the case with Bella? Probably, it is encoded in the very name of prototype. Maximally simple, only by in Italian naive, but the absolutely accurate: Bella - "beautiful". And exactly for this sincere and genuine beauty they love brand Alfa Romeo in entire peace! P.S. Thus far Bertone attempts to convince FIAT to affirm Bella as successor Giulietta, one of the Japanese companies gave the official proposal to purchase project in order to more rapidly neglect automobile into a series. Proposal fortifies itself by eight-symbol sum of the dollars. Bertone it will complex refuse!

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